Team Yankee - Alternative Nations and Special Forces

Team Yankee - Alternative Nations and Special Forces

Team Yankee - Alternative Nations and Special Forces

Today's special guest article is by Luke Daley, one of the leading writers for homebrew rules for Team Yankee. Do check out what he has to offer for players wanting some more variety in their games! ~Ed.

Hey there, Luke here. Some of you may know me as the guy behind lots of the unofficial rules floating about for Team Yankee. I also have a YouTube channel and lead the Liverpool Team Yankee Group.

One of my main gripes with team Yankee was the potential for an expansion in terms of the background surrounding World War III. We get in the rulebook a few glimpses at the world’s military alliances and how the war starts; but we never find out what happened to a lot of the countries that would have been involved. I aimed to clear that up, and I ended up doing more than I bargained for. (Luke ended up sending a lot of articles to Battlefront, but they were never published. ~ed.)

I have written or co-published rules for Spain, Greece, Ireland, Yugoslavia, Albania, Denmark, Belgium, Romania, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Hungary, Bulgaria, Portugal, Mexico, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Malta, Cuba and 3rd World Terrorists/Guerillas.

I have also written supplements for US Army Rangers, Royal Marines, ANZAC SAS, Polish Special Forces, Canadian Airborne, Iranian Special Forces, East German Paratroops, Czech Airborne, French Foreign Legion, Soviet Naval Infantry, Iraqi and Syrian Republic Guards, Israeli Commandos, West German Navy Kommandos and Dutch Marines.

These rules use existing unit cards, without the need to create new unit rules or cards. I have written in every single set of rules a painting tutorial and a guide on where you can actually get the models you need from. In the Team Yankee Rules Compendium, you can even find rules that weren’t written by me in that document.

Download a copy of the rules here!


If you’d like to know more about any of the countries I have written rules for, I will be writing another article soon detailing the styles of certain armies and my reasons for writing their rules a certain way.

I have also put my miniatures where my mouth is. Below you can see my Yugoslav People’s Army, Soviet Naval Infantry and Irish 2nd Brigade forces!

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About Luke

Leader of the Liverpool Team Yankee Group and enthusiastic rules writer!

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