Who are we?

BlitzMinis (Blitz and Peaces) started out as a partnership by two gamers who shared a passion for WWII history and the game Flames of War. Our FLGS (Internet geek Jargon for Friendly Local Game Store) closed down towards the end of 2015 and we decided to try and keep the community alive and the availability of products so that the game can continue to be played here.

We haven't found or have the market ability to sustain a full fledged store yet so will be running off the internet and we pass on this benefit of low overheads to our customers with extremely competitive pricing. 

In 2021, we started the year opening our very first physical store. we are proud to have the largest gaming space available for wargames in Singapore. We also use the shop as a studio for producing product reviews and batreps for our YouTube channel and distribution storage.


Singapore 149596

( 2 Minute covered walkway from Commonwealth MRT Station ! )


What games do we support?

Our main focus is to support the Tabletop Game system by Battlefront (Flames of War and Team Yankee). You are free to use any 1:100 scale AKA 15mm scale models to play the game. It is largely different from other systems as the score to hit a team when targeted is dependent on their rating rather than that of the firers. The rationale is that in modern warfare, being hit by the vast array of sighted and automatic weapons is dependent on how small a target you make of yourself.


We love this game and we like to mimic scenes from movies and play them out as best we can. The scene below was a demo we used to show people the scene from the movie Fury.

As of 2021, We have expanded our range to include a new core line of ParaBellum Games which creates Conquest Last Arguement of Kings.

That brings the total tabletop games we carry to the following list:

What are your plans for the future?

We intend to focus on distribution and while supporting local tabletop gaming communities here in Singapore