Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign, Week 5

Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign, Week 5
Our Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign Week 5  Saturday, 15th December.

Battle 1 - Battle for Metz, Strasbourg & Mulhouse

Czechoslovakia: Ben (Attack)
France: Matthew (Defend) 
Points: 85
Mission: No Retreat
Score: Czech 5: US 2
Tokens: 3
To complete the encirclement of NATO troops in the South, the Czechoslovakian Armoured Brigade was given the objective of Mulhouse. The ferocity of the armoured push caught the French in the midst of deploying and made short work of the confused defenders. In the process, the Czechs took Metz, Strasbourg and Mulhouse.
Battle for Metz

Battle 2 - Battle for Leipzig & Dresden

Soviet: Eddie (Attack)
Canadian: Nicholas (Defend) 
Points: 85
Mission: No Retreat
Score: Canadian 5: Soviet 2
Tokens: 3
Despite being cut off from the Northern Sector, the Canadians decided that they would continue to strike forth and try to take Leipzig. The move was so bold that the Soviets were caught wrong footed. With all their forces hold a wide front, there were only a token force holding the Leipzig area. When the Canucks came knocking on their front door, the Soviets could only put up a token fight before collapsing. This allowed the Canadians to go all the way into Dresden, on the outskirts of Berlin.
Battle for Leipzig and Dresden

Battle 3 - Battle for Dresden & Leipzig

Czechoslovakia: Ben (Attack)
British: Nicholas (Defend) 
Points: 85
Mission: No Retreat
Score: Soviet 5: British 2
Tokens: 3
Reeling from the disastrous defence of Leipzig, the Soviet Commander once again called upon the Czechs to lead the charge to retake the lost territories.  Drawing the reserves from Berlin, the Czechs commenced their attack into Dresden with a tremendous bombardment. With the T-72Ms and T-55AM2s, they fell upon the British forces like a sledge hammer. Heavy in infantry, the static British could not contain the Czech tanks. Once the breakthrough was made, nothing could stop them from retaking Dresden but they were finally held in Leipzig.
Battle for Dresden and Leipzig

Battle 4 - Battle for Leipzig

Czechoslovakia: Ben (Manouevre)
US: Jerome (Attack) 
Points: 93
Mission: Counterattack
Score: US 4: Czech 3
Tokens: 1
An American force fighting a rearguard action finally stemmed the Czech forces in Leipzig.  As the battle petered out, both sides licked their wounds but it was the Americans that received their reinforcements first.  Utilising an airborne drop into the flanks of the Czechs, the Yanks drove them out of Leipzig.
Battle for Leipzig 
With the wedge driven between the North and South, NATO Forces continue to hang on by a thread. Will the Red Tide finally wash over all of Europe?Firestorm Red Thunder Week 5
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