Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign, Week 6

Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign, Week 6
Our Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign Week 6  Saturday, 22nd December.
For this week, all battles will have their tokens doubled.

Battle 1 - Battle for Leipzig

Netherlands: Vick (Manouevre)
Soviet: Eddie (Attack) 
Points: 64
Mission: Counterattack
Score: Soviet 4: US 3
Tokens: 2 (2x Multiplier)
Unwilling to leave a corridor open to further incursions towards Berlin, the Soviets gathered a full armoured force and managed to eject the Dutch Verkenings out of Leipzig.
Battle for Leipzig

Battle 2 - Battle for Hof & Oberpfalz

East German: Eddie (Attack)
West German: Shawn (Defend) 
Points: 64
Mission: Breakthrough 
Score: Soviet 4: WG 3
Tokens: 2 (2x Multiplier)
Despite being cut off from the Northern Sector, the Canadians decided that they would continue to strike forth and try to take Leipzig. The move was so bold that the Soviets were caught wrong footed. With all their forces hold a wide front, there were only a token force holding the Leipzig area. When the Canucks came knocking on their front door, the Soviets could only put up a token fight before collapsing. This allowed the Canadians to go all the way into Dresden, on the outskirts of Berlin.
Battle for Hof and Oberpfalz

After limited operations, both sides settled into another ceasefire over the Christmas and New Year Weekends. So how will the campaign end? Look out for our report on a Total War game to end all games on 5th January 2019.

Firestorm Red thunder Week 6

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