Where: Singapore, BlitzMinis

Registration cut off is on March 15th, 2359, GMT+8
List submission cut off is on March 25th, 2359, GMT+8

Blitzminis store
115A commonwealth drive 03-03/4
Singapore 149596

When: 30 - 31 March 2024
Costs: $30 SGD per particpant
Prizes: Entry into CB's 2024 Interplanetario 2024!

Rules packet and Special event rules: TBA

Foreign Player INFORMATION Packet

Registration: We are capping the event to 40 Players. Please register ahead of time to ensure a slot. Registration can be done through this link. https://forms.gle/eV6YLptoetntRhoF9

Infinity The Game N4 Satellite Tournament
30-31 March 2024
Detailed timings and rules packet Below
40 participants cap

Venue: Blitzminis store
115A commonwealth drive 03-03/4
Singapore 149596

Participation fees:
$30/per PAX . You will be invoiced once you have submitted your response. please make payment to confirm your tickets.

Welcome to the first ever Satellite Singapre!
Note the raffle prize giving format for most prizes. Everyone stands a chance to win goodies

Day 1: 30th Mar
1000-1230: Mindwipe
1330-1600: Loot & Sabotage
1630-1900: Unmasking

Day 2: 31st Mar
1000-1230: Frostbyte
1300-1530: PowerPack

Door Gift,
$30. Free Infinity themed stickers, + other goodies (TBA) for all who join!

Standard 300pts/6 SWC
All ITS rules are in effect, refer to the official ITS S15document and the errata/FAQ .pdfs at: https://infinitytheuniverse.com/resources

Event Day Rules & Guidelines:
* Please arrive at least 30 minutes before the event starts.
* It is a MUST to either WhatsApp or email your lists Zhan (wzhanhui@gmail.com), before the 25th of March, 2359, GMT+8
* It is a MUST to prepare physical courtesy lists of your armies for your opponents. DQ if this is not met.
* Line of Fire indicators for your army MUST be present. DQ if this is not met.
* Generally friendly play encouraged! Play by intent is also encouraged to speed up playtime and to help newer players too.
* As hidden information is a huge part of the fun for Infinity, hanging around other ongoing games after your match is over is not encouraged. Take a break.
* All hidden information MUST be noted down on your Tournament Control Sheet (will be provided) or better, your phone’s camera. This applies especially to hidden deployment troops. This includes but is not limited to things like decoys, holoprojectors, and similar.
* Zhan is the TO and rules referee. Owen is the secondary TO.
Prize Raffle Format:
* As this event is aimed towards a more casual spirit, most prizes in the ITS box will be given out by raffle.
* Additional chances to win in the raffle can be granted by achieving first or second place, and also by accomplishing specific achievements. See the “Raffle Chances” section for more details.
* The raffle will only be conducted at the end of the event. An individual MUST be present then to receive any prize won.

** Full raffle prize list TBA ***
Raffle Chances:
Default for each individual: 1x chance if the individual stays until the end of Day 1