Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign, Week 4

Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign, Week 4
Our Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign Week 4  Saturday, 8th December.

Battle 1 - Battle for Thuringia

Czechoslovakia: Ben (Attack)
US: Lance (Defend) 
Points: 85
Mission: Dust Up (Dusk)
Score: Czech 4: US 3
Tokens: 1
Caught by the sudden attacks into their rear, the Czechs drew forces from the front to re-establish their supply lines through Thuringia. The mobile US Airborne nearly caught the Czechs out during a dawn assault but through sheer determination, they fought off not only the airborne troops but the Armoured Cavalry to restore their MSR.
Battle for Thuringia

Battle 2 - Battle for Frankfurt

Soviet: Eddie (Attack)
West German: Syalabi (Attack) 
Points: 75
Mission: Free for All
Score: Soviet 5: WG 2
Tokens: 3
With their MSR restored, the Soviet High Command pushed supplies forward to support their attack on Frankfurt AM Main. The understrength West German Mech Kompanie , supported but their allies, a Canadian Leopard 1 Company, fought a desperate battle to hold  Frankfurt AM Main. But the weight of the whole Soviet armoured punch easily pushed the West Germans and Canadians aside.
Battle for Frankfurt

Battle 3 - Battle for Leipzig

Soviet: Ben (Attack)
ANZAC: Regan (Manœuvre) 
Points: 93
Mission: Encounter
Score: Soviet 3: ANZAC 3
Tokens: 0
To truly secure their MSR, the Soviet High Command ordered a two-pronged attack on Leipzig. Assigned to defence of Leipzig was an ANZAC Company. Armed with Leopard 1s and a Light Recce company, the ANZACS held true to their stubborn grit and fought the red tide as they closed in from both sides. Fighting a battle of attrition, it was a battle akin to that of David and Goliath. At the end of the day, both sides withdrew to lick their wounds as neither was able to gain an advantage over the other. 
Battle for Leipzig
Three weeks into their push to the West, the Soviets and the Warsaw Pact have made tremendous gains but determined defences from the NATO Alliance have made them pay blood for every inch of soil they gained. Their last battle for Leipzig took he wind out of them and both sides settled in to consolidate and take stock of their gains and losses.
Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign Week 4
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