Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign, Week 3

Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign, Week 3
Our Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign Week 3  Saturday, 1st December.

Battle 1 - Battle for Kassel

Soviet: Terrance (Attack)
British: Melvin (Defend) 
Points: 100
Mission: Bridgehead
Score: British 4: Soviet 3
Tokens: 1
The Soviet's unexpected success of their massive drive to Rhineland-Pfalz and Frankfurt AM Main left their supply line over-extended.  Seeing an opportunity, the British sneak in an attack and cut-off the Soviet line at Kassel
Battle for Kassel

Battle 2 - Battle for Kassel 2

Soviet: Terrance (Attack)
West German: Dino (Defend) 
Points: 100
Mission: Bridgehead
Score: Soviet 6: WG 1
Tokens: 5
Surprised by the sudden appearance of British forces to their rear, the Soviet's called up their reserves from Thuringia and crushed the West German and British forces to gain control of Kassel and also, Marburg, Saarland and Liege. 
Battle for Kassel 2

Battle 3 - Battle for Thuringia

Soviet: Terrance (Attack)
West German: Shawn (Manoeuvre) 
Points: 64
Mission: Bridgehead
Score: WG 5: Soviet 2
Tokens: 3
A localised counterattack by Hauptmann Shawn (The Lightning General) saw his Leopard 2s charging and assaulting the flank of капита́н Terrance (The Beast of  Leipzig) and pushed the infantry off their objective.  The Soviet defeat turned into a rout and saw the German Forces retaking Thuringia, through to Leipzig.
Battle for Thuringia

Battle 4 - Battle for Thuringia 2

Soviet: Eddie (Attack)
US: Jerome (Manoeuvre) 
Points: 93
Mission: Free For All
Score: Soviet 4: US 3
Tokens: 1
While manoeuvring to block a gap in the north, a US Airborne and Army Task Force was stumbled headlong into a meeting engagement with a Soviet T-64 Battalion. The Americans fought a desperate battle to hold back the Soviets but the trickle of enemy forces swelled to a torrent and the Americans were swept aside as Red Forces regained control of Thuringia.
Battle for Thuringia2

Battle 5 - Battle for Thuringia 3

Czech: Benjamin (Attack)
British : Anderson (Manoeuvre) 
Points: 64
Mission: Bridgehead
Score: British 4: Czech 3
Tokens: 1
For the 3rd time in as many days, Thuringia, changed hands as follow on British forces to the US slammed into a Czech Armoured battalion with T-55AM2s and T-72Ms pouring through their Soviet comrades. The British Mech Formations dug in and with true British grit and determination, held off the armoured assault.
Battle for Thuringia 3
The Red tide continues to swell into a Tsunami and cut a swathe across Europe but localised counterattacks has delivered a rapier thrust towards Berlin. How will the war progress from here forth?
Firestorm Red thunder Week 3
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