FOW Store challenge league 2020

FOW Store challenge league 2020

FOW Store Challenge LEAGUE 2020

Organised by: Blitz and Peaces

TO: Dino Ding

SPONSORS: Blitz n Peaces, Hammerhouse, Battle Quarters@Epidemix

Event: Team League 

Venue: any

Period: 18 September to 31 October 2020

Game: Flames of War V4 (Late War)

Format: 100pt, swiss format 3 rounds, Fixed missions

List restrictions: All current published Flames of War V4 (Late War) books allowed. Operation Bagration will be allowed for this league

Entry fee: SGD 20/player ($60/Team)


PAYMENT METHOD: Via registration link OR paynow/paylah to Blitz and Peaces

Team Composition: Each team is comprised of 3 players, inclusive of the team captain, who is in charge of communications and general administration with the TO. Teams must include 3 army lists. No duplicate formations are allowed in the team’s lists. Players are not allowed to change their lists once the league commences.

Valid example: Team Bear contains 3 players with 1 Soviet T34 formation, 1 British Churchill formation, and 1 Soviet rifle company/Tank Killer formation

Invalid example: Team Cow contains 3 players with 1 SS Tiger formation, 1 SS tiger/grenadier formation, and 1 grenadier/panther formation 

List Submission: Lists should be emailed to Eddie[at] or the whatsapp group by 15 SEP 2020. Lists are accepted in Forces PDF or Excel spreadsheets only. Illegal lists will be verified by the TO and players must amend their lists before the tournament begins.

For any list that is represented on Forces of War, the Forces of War list shall be used and its rules shall prevail. For any mistakes that are clearly problems on the weblists, TOs will clarify on the spot. 


15 SEP: submission of team names/ lists

18 SEP : 1st round pairings announced on website

02 OCT: 2nd round pairings announced on website

16 OCT: 3rd round pairings announced on website

31 OCT: Tabulation of results, prize awards.  

Timings: Each league round will last for the following periods:

Round 1: 18 SEP - 01 OCT

Round 2: 02 OCT - 15 OCT

Round 3: 16 OCT - 30 OCT

Pairing: Upon announcement of Team pairings, the respective team captains should arrange games within the time frame for team members to fight with their respective opponents. Each pairing must be with a different team member. The team with the least points will decide on the first matchup and alternate matchups with the other team until all players are paired up.

Games can be played anywhere at the convenience of the players. For games at Blitz and Peaces and other stores, please check with the stores beforehand to book tables.

Participating store list:

Blitz and Peaces*

3 Queens road, #06-143, Singapore 260003

*Please book tables with Ben or Eddie for games


#01-03 63 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428776


45A Temple St, Singapore 058590

Geylang Serai Tabletop Gaming club*

Level 3 activity rooms, Engku Aman Rd, Singapore 409223

*subject to PA approval for opening. TBA.

NOTE (COVID ADVISORY): All stores require table bookings. Please check with your respective stores for availability.

Fixed Missions: Missions will be declared by the TO each round. 3 missions will be available each round. Players must pick one of the missions from the selection to play. The team with the least points will decide on the missions once pairing is completed. Mission details can be found using the more missions table here:


Round 1 Missions:- Free for all   - Breakthrough  - Bridgehead

Team Cow (6pts) is fighting Team Bear (9pts). After pairings are decided, the team with the least points (team cow) decides on which mission to play for their matchups (eg. Bridgehead, Bridgehead, Free for all). Once chosen, the team which decided the missions chooses to be either the attacker or the defender.

Reporting: Players are to take at least 1 photo of their game and submit the results to the TO (DINO) on the whatsapp reporting group. Please include the following when reporting:

Team name:

Player name:

Opponent's name:

Mission Played:

Result: Win/Loss*

*no score calculation is necessary. Please be sure to report YOUR result (i.e. if you win, report as WIN)

Scoring: Teams are accorded victory points according to their member’s performance in games.

Win: 5 VP

Loss: 3 VP

Draw: 0 VP

Games not played will result in a DRAW result.

Team scores are tabulated at the end of each round and teams will be paired via swiss pairing for the next round. League standings will be updated on at the end of every round.

Dropping out: Players who are dropping out of their team after the 1st round must inform the TOs so that a shadow player(selected randomly by the TO) can be assigned to their team.


Best Team (Highest total VP)

Second runner up

Third runner up

Judge’s favorite (Most unique army lists)

Prize support (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Participation prize: FOW Tokens or Card holder (First come first serve)


Best Team: FOW limited edition dice set for 3 pax 

Second Runner up: Hammerhouse dice set for 3 pax

Third runner up: Battlequarters prize (TBC)

Judge’s Favorite: TBC (it will be nice, bear with me)


If 8 teams or more, prize pool will be extended.

Rules/Issues Resolution: Players should first consult the rule book and other supplementary PDFS (latest version of LESSONS FROM THE FRONT). Go over the rule/issue step-by-step together to see if a solution can be found. If you face any challenging rules situations, please contact a TO.

Tournament Rules 

Models: Players must ensure that their models are assembled and primed at the bare minimum for play. Unit leaders and platoons should be readily identifiable. 

Proxies: No proxies are allowed unless the model is not available from Battlefront or another source. Players with unconventional armies representing a nation using an existing book are allowed at the TO’s discretion.

References: Players must bring a copy of their lists for easy reference and for the sake of their opponents. Players are also reminded to bring their own references for gaming.

Accessories: Players are to bring their own measuring tape, dice, templates, guides, trays and markers (Smoke, minefields etc).

Fair play: Unsportsmanlike behaviour/stalling/rowdiness is frowned upon. Please practice fair sportsmanship and courtesy in your games. Complaints about abusive behaviour to the TOs will result in demerits for the offending Team and may result in disqualification for repeated offences.

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