FOW LEAGUE 2020 Team registration

Blitz and Peaces

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FOW Store Challenge LEAGUE 2020

Organised by: Blitz and Peaces

TO: Dino Ding

SPONSORS: Blitz n Peaces, Hammerhouse, Battle Quarters@Epidemix

Event: Team League 

Venue: any

Period: 18 September to 31 October 2020

Game: Flames of War V4 (Late War)

Format: 100pt, swiss format 3 rounds, Fixed missions

List restrictions: All current published Flames of War V4 (Late War) books allowed. Operation Bagration will be allowed for this league


Entry fee: SGD 20/player ($60/Team)

Please remember to report to EDDIE or DINO after payment to confirm your team name and team members

Please note that participation prizes are first come first serve. 


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