Organised by: Blitzminis/ Eddie Ching

SPONSORS: Blitzminis

Event: Singles Tournament

Venue: Blitzminis, 115a commonwealth drive 03-03/4 Singapore 149596

Date: 27 mar 2021

Time: 11am - 730pm

Format: 100pt, swiss format 3 rounds, more missions pack

List restrictions: All current army books allowed. Maximum of 2 formations (inclusive of allied formations) in the list.

Entry fee: SGD 20

REGISTRATION: on-site. 10 players maximum.*

*COVI safety distancing measures are in place. Temperature checks and safeentry are mandatory. Face mask to be worn by all players and staff. 

List building restrictions: Maximum of 2 formations (inclusive of allied formations) in the list. Players may build their lists to a maximum of 100 points.

Available Source books: 

- Leopard 

- Panzertruppen 

- Czechoslovak 

- Polish people’s army 

- VolksArmee 

- Free Nations 

- Oil Wars 

- WW3: American

- WW3: British

- WW3: Soviet

For any list that is represented on Forces of War, the Forces of War list shall be used and its rules shall prevail. For any mistakes TOs will clarify on the spot. 

List Submission: Lists should be watsapped to Eddie by 23 mar 2021. Lists are accepted in Forces PDF or Excel spreadsheets only. Illegal lists will be verified by the TO and players must amend their lists before the tournament begins.


1045-1100: Registration and briefing at blitzminis

1100: Round 1

1330: Lunch break

1430: Round 2

1700: Round 3

1930: Prize giving

1945: End of event

Timings: Each round will last for 2.5 hours. This includes the time for the pairings process as well as setup and deployment for the game. Both Players must get the same number of turns played. The TO will remind players at the 30 minute mark. Upon expiration of the time limit, players must resolve all outstanding actions and the game will result in a draw as per the Team Yankee Rulebook. Demerits will be issued as per the tournament rules for slow play or stalling.

Pairing: Players will be paired using a modified Swiss draw system for a total of 3 rounds played. 

Reporting: Players are to fill out a chit each round and report to the TO the match results. Once submitted results can not be disputed.

Scoring: Players are ranked according to the total Victory points (VP) scored during each round as per the Team Yankee Rulebook.

Bonus points are scored for the following conditions:

  1. List submitted : 1 VP
  2. At least one fully painted platoon inclusive of unit attachments (minimum 3 colors + basing awarded at the discretion of the TO): 1 VP

Final player standings will be tallied at the end of the 3 rounds. In the event of a tie, final standings will be determined by a tiebreaker score.

Byes: Players awarded a bye score X VP (Average of the players’ other 2 rounds) but the match is not considered a win for tie-breaking purposes. Players may not be awarded more than 1 bye for the tournament.


Best general (Highest VP)

1st runner up 

2nd runner up

Best painted (Player vote)

Players may only win a single award. In the event that a player wins 2 or more awards, the smaller award will instead be passed on to another suitable candidate.

Prize support

1st place: WW3: West German army deal 

2nd place: Leopard 2a5 platoon box

3rd place: WW3: West Germany

(To be collected when available in May 2021)

Best painted: $30 store voucher

Rules/Issues Resolution: Players should first consult the rule book and other supplementary PDFS. Go over the rule/issue step-by-step together to see if a solution can be found. A judge may be summoned if a resolution cannot be found between the players. Judge’s decision is final and can not be contested. 

Tournament Rules 

Models: Players must ensure that their models are assembled and primed at the bare minimum for play. Unit leaders and platoons should be readily identifiable. 

Proxies: No proxies are allowed unless the model is not available from Battlefront or another source. Players with unconventional armies representing a nation using an existing book is allowed at the TO’s discretion.

Missions: Battle plans are in effect. All players are to use the Team Yankee More missions pack. All instances of the mission REARGUARD are to be replaced by BREAKOUT


References: Players must bring a copy of their lists for easy reference and for the sake of their opponents. Players are also reminded to bring the World war 3: Team Yankee Rulebook and nation books/ unit cards for reference.

Accessories: Players are to bring their own measuring tape, dice, templates, guides, trays and markers (Smoke, minefields etc).

Fair play: Unsportsmanlike behaviour/stalling/rowdiness is frowned upon and will result in a 6 VP demerit upon final decision from the TO. After 2 demerits, a 3rd report will result in a disqualification of the offending player. Cheating/usage of tampered dice will result in an immediate disqualification and ban from future events. In the case of disqualification, no prizes will be awarded to the disqualified player.

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