Yáoxiè Remotes (Lù Duan / Rui Shi)

Corvus belliSKU: 281343-1088

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Armies: Yu Jing / Imperial Service / Invincible Army / White Banner / JSA / Ikari Compañy Dahshat Company

“One should never forget the meaning of the name Yáoxiè (Remote Weapon) [...] and a good officer should use it accordingly. [...] The Yáoxiè should be conceived as active combat units, able to remain in reserve and be sent to reinforce critical points, and not limit their use to defensive actions.” In this manual special emphasis is placed on their speed and skill at tactically exceeding the enemy forces. This operational concept would influence the design of the different Yáoxiè models, prioritizing speed over protection.

Sale Info: This box includes two plastic resin miniatures: A Lù Duan with Mk12 and a Rui Shi with Spitfire. The ideal complement to give agile firepower to your Yu Jing Action Pack (Ref.: 281328-0928).

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