Invincible Army Action Expansion Pack

Corvus belliSKU: 281342-1085

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Armies: Yu Jing / Invincible Army

The size of Yu Jing’s military might does not matter. It doesn’t matter how many frigates, spacecraft carriers, or battle cruisers the StateEmpire Navy has available. It doesn’t matter how many cannons and missile launcher pads, orbital or on the planetary surface, the Yu Jing artillery regiments possess. It doesn’t matter how advanced their communication and quantronic warfare units are. To the general public, the Yu Jing war machine’s real symbol of force is the Invincible Army.

Sale Info: This box includes three miniatures: a Haidào with MULTI Sniper Rifle, a Dāoyīng Hacker, and a Zhēnchá Hacker. The perfect complement to complete your Invincible Army collection you started with the Invincible Army Action Pack box.

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