Hassassin Expansion Pack Alpha

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Armies: Haqqislam / Hassassin Bahram

Theoretically, the Hassassin Society is one of the Haqqislamite Intelligence agencies, but this definition is inadequate because it is not used as a government agency, not even within the turbulent world of espionage. The Hassassin form a secret criminal sect, funded by the Bourak government, whose mission is the defense of the Haqqislamite faith, the Search for Knowledge and the metaphysical-intellectual illumination as a means of contact with the divine.

Sale Info: This box includes three miniatures: A Hassassin Fiday with Boarding Shotgun, a Hassassin Farzan with Boarding Shotgun and a Hassassin Lasiq with Viral Rifle. Expand your Operation: Blackwind Haqqislam force with a lethal impersonator, a versatile infiltrator, and a dangerous marksman.

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