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B&P has long realized the need for players to be able to accurately measure distances and ranges of their weapons to ensure wastage of ammunition are kept low.¾

For this purpose, B&P has come up with a revolutionary design, out from the experimental workshops under the Polish mountains we bring you the following:

Classifcation: Top Secret 3 (Destroy before falling into enemy hands)
Ref No.: Project 0919328472¾
Code name:¾"Measuring Tape"

Project aim: Allow frontline commanders to know how far and fast their units can engage, to be precisely out of short range and ensure better survival¾rates. Meant for Generals to easily attach to standard issue leather belts and/or wrist sling for easy access (Belt Clip & Wrist sling as potographed).¾

The yellow and red wording are meant to allow for maximum ease of reading and contrast, being the two most eye catching colours in the standard aryan¾eyes color spectrum

The end of measuring tape would be accurate whether fully stretched out or when measuring corners. When you butt the end of the tape against a wall for an inside measurement, that hook is compressing by the width of the hook itself. Or, conversely, when you hook it onto something for an outside measurement, its expanding by the width of the hook. Such is the ingenuity of our Science labs!

The logo is printed is simple black to emphasize the corporate identity and show we are proud of this product. The logo also acts to differentiate it from inferior products produced by others. ¾


This is a 5 M long measuring tape, made of plastic and which conforms to international standards of both CM and Inches and tested as such before distribution.¾

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