15A30CB Downed BF109e + small base.

BauedaSKU: 15A30CB

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One 50mm wide by 65mm deep (2"x 21/2") + one 32mm wide by 25mm deep (11/4"x 1").

Perfect as a game objective marker this model is cast in our usual tough polyurethane resin and in the same size of a large FoW base. As you can see the model is basically a single piece like our other objectives, but also comes complete with an optional right side rear wing, which can be left out or pinned on as you prefer! It has plenty of beautifully sculpted, deep carved details to help you in painting, including an accurate reproduction of the actual Messerschmitt engine interior! Comes complete with a small scenic base suitable for command units, snipers, observers, etc. selected at random from 10 different variations. 
Supplied unpainted. 

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