Our Loyalty Program

We love loyal customers and we want to show it with our customer loyalty program. We have a simple ranking system for points, earned through purchases to be used to pay for items and orders. As you spend more with us over the long term, you earn points at a faster rate.

The Point System

 Rank Lifetime Spending  Points for Dollar spent
2nd lieutenant (2LT) Base 0 1
1st lieutenant (LT) 500 1.5
Captain (CPT) 1000 2
Major (MAJ) 2000 3
Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) 4000 4
Colonel (COL) 8000 5

The program rewards our loyal customers the longer they hace support us. We hope you have made an account with us and can start earning points today!

VIP Program

Currently our VIP Program is by Invite only. The only sure way in right now is to join the Singapore Historical Gaming Society which grows the community in Singapore. 

The benefits of our loyalty program is a standard discount of 10% off our RRP.