Current Live map of the Offensive

Battle of the Bulge Turn 1

Turn 1 special Rules
Axis: 4 free off table bombardments. Any PC or observer team may spot for these bombardments with no penalty. They are considered to be fired with the rating of Veterans, be a battery of 4 guns and have the following profie
AT 5 , FP 2+
Allies: Nil. hold until relieved

Wehrmacht communiques throughout the battle

Operation wacht am Rhein

- 18 December - 6th SS Kmpfgruppe Pieper has managed to achieve a substantial breakthroughs. Casualties within expected limits and awaiting further stabilisation and rendevous with Heer divisions

- 19 December - FBB seconded to Fifth Army has been intercepted by 2nd US Armoured Cavalry. Artillery reserves severely crushed and FBB forced to withdraw. Forward units should expect delays in supporitng fire.

FBB artillery gets hammered by fast recon elements

- 20 December - Panzer Lehr Div has achieved a breakthrough via southern corridor. French Foreign legions were found to be garrisoned and put up stubborn resistance (Not a single unit failed a platoon morale check, slaughtered to a man, IC died 3 times passing all Warrior saves)

The Panzer Lehr div moves on the french foreign legion

- 21st December - 506th Schwere Panzer has continuously pounded away at British infantry positions in the northen sectors, British abandoned the key highways after Us forces in the south were forced to retreat

- 21 December - Goebbels Addresses the nation with news that an attack so ferocious has been unleashed upon the allies. The Fuhrer has ordered a final offensive that will bring about the final victory and lasting peace!

- 22 December - 6th SS Kmpfgruppe Pieper , Element of suprise lost. Allies are reinforcing in numbers not expected, cloud cover is clearing. Panzer Lehr Div has reached the rendevous but avoided Viesalm in the rear, garrisoned by the 1st US infantry. To keep with schedule, advance will continue.