Hold the Line 700 pt Conquest tournament

Hold the Line 700 pt Conquest tournament

Blitzminis had our inaugural conquest event a few weeks ago and we had a blast!

Coming in with 10 players for a 3 round swiss format! 

Our list of players is here! click on their names to see their lists in PDF!

1. Zach (Dweghom)
2. Benjamin (100K)
3. Jae (100K)
4. Ryan (Nords)
5. DaWei (Dweghom)
6. Jon (Spires)
7. Nick (Spires)
8. Derek (100K)

We had a good spread of the factions and we altered the rules as per the organised play season 0 to make all reinforcements come on automatically without rolling. 

What happens when both sides just keep healing to stay alive! Jae's chapter mage calls upon the tears of ninuah, and the trolls..... troll.

The first round was quick, following the scenario 1 from the main rule book. With Murder being the objective our dual abomination player Jonnie finished the round in 15 minutes (Devs please nerf).

Brave Household knights chase down a foe that they feel is worthy of their attention! a stray group of Force Grown Drones! Bred for battle and combat!

The second round being more focused on Objective did cause more interesting plays! The spires with abominations simply could not take the objectives 

The Brutes being so use to being the monsters on the battlefield were getting trolled by trolls (No i wont stop it).

Zachs Dweghom and Nicks Spires fight over a 100K tollhouse.

Jae's Men at Arms meet someone who isn't interested in shields and bastion. There are no Season Veterans who have survived a dragonslayer charge.

the third and final round also had objectives with our final table featuring Jae's 100K and Zach's Dweghom!

While the serious table was going on between the 100k and the dweghom over who was going to have to demolish the nearby spire tower, the others tables were still raging amongst themselves!

A troll unit thought to take a 100K charge, first successful charge with them for the day and demolished a whole unit of trolls with no retaliation.

Dawei's Dweghom move forward to take the objective and the dragonslayers look for prey

Some people say this abomination is modelled incorrectly leaning back. What they fail to understand is that it is modelled precisely to show the emotion of an abomination realising that dragonslayers are clash 4 and cleave 4.

All in all, it was a great day. everyone followed the simple straightforward safe distancing measures with temperature taking, end of round hand sanitsing and no sharing of high contact equipment such as dice or measurement tapes.

We did find the Abominations were strong not having to roll to come on but suffered in objective scoring. Everyone had a great time and we will be moving upwards to get more games under our belt!

It was a great event and we will be having more at higher pointages. 1200 Point tournament! get your tickets now

DEVILS CHARGE 1200 pt tournament 18th April

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