World War 3: Team Yankee roundup: Factions review

World War 3: Team Yankee roundup: Factions review

World War 3: Team Yankee releases this weekend! Our final roundup for the winners and losers covers ALL the nations currently released in Team Yankee, discusses their pros and cons in TYV2 and talks about possible new units on the horizon with the new releases!

Disclaimer: This article is the personal opinion of the writer based off information publicly available.

NATO and Non-aligned forces


I'll just leave this here... *sips tea*


+ Challenger is a fantastic defensive tank

+ Addition of the Marksman SPAAG adds complete AA coverage 

+ Solid formation options with plenty of list building potential



- MILAN spam is over

- still a very static army

Final verdict: A

Let's just get this one out of the way since social media is going crazy over the new British stats right now. Prepare to see a lot of British in tournaments, even if MILAN spam is going to go away. 



Not the EM50 sadly.


+ IPM1 is a solid assault tank

+ M1A1 will provide much needed Anti-tank power

+ Bradleys allow USA to push with autocannon support

+ A10 Thunderbolt 2s will see a lot of use



- ITVs and recce formations are useless

- Still somewhat lacking in the AA department

Final Verdict: A

Previously a middling army, the new upcoming units should give the yanks a much needed boost to anti-tank firepower and cover their core weakness. You should expect to see a lot of TOW 2s soon. 


West Germany

Gaijoob pls.


+ Leo2a5 is coming as the single most advanced tank in the game

+ Marder 2, an IFV with MBT level protection

+ "Black box" formation support opens up a lot of list building flexibility


- still horrifically expensive

- elite armies typically do not fare well in the spam-heavy meta

Final verdict: C- (before new book) B- (after the new book)

Forever crippled by its small platoon sizes and high points costs, the West Germans appear to be continuing this trend with the spoiled units, the Leo2A5 and the Marder 2 (another vaporware unit). Currently in a bad place due to losing the top dog tank position to the Challenger. The new "Black box" options do open up a lot of list building possibilities, so adding in a 4-tank leo2a4 platoon is going to happen to almost every list from this point on...



If you go inside, it probably still smells of weed...


+ Large platoons of infantry with YPR support still relevant

+ Cheapish Leo2a4 still performs as advertised

+ PTRL remains their secret weapon

+ Access to WG air support and artillery options


- YPR PRAT spam is nerfed (AT21 is less relevant)

Final Verdict: B-

The dutch remain largely unchanged and just like the rest of the Free Nation factions, will remain neglected for a while. Thankfully their army remains largely relevant in V2 and they essentially perform the same. 



Ahhhh that's HOT


+ good remount values finally come into play with new morale rules

+ excellent artillery

+ Easy access to AT23 (Mephistos, HOT gazelles)

+ huge infantry platoons


- 5+ morale still stinks even with the rerolls provided by the formation commander

- The popular 8 milan squad loses its relevance

Final Verdict: B-

As expected, the French benefit a little from the new morale rules, but lose a lot more in the process as MILAN teams lose their relevance. Still stuck as a glass cannon faction, the French must now rely on their very fragile Mephistos and Gazelles to get rid of heavy tanks. When are we going to get the Leclerc?



*Sad FSV noises*


+ You can still play as lost Aussies and kiwis in Europe!


- There's no new toys you can possibly get...

Final Verdict: C-

Let's face it, the ANZAC faction was designed as a cameo allied force to fight alongside NATO. Going pure with the ANZACs is going to be a huge uphill push. 



Good things come in small packages eh


+ ADATS is now more needed than ever

+ Access to USA IPM1s


- Your entire playbook revolves around the ADATS

Final Verdict: C

Just like V1, Canada's entire strategy revolves around the ADATS and thus the faction is tied into a one-trick pony playstyle. The good news is your allied IPM1s are now more survivable than ever, but still cannot benefit from your formation commander.



Literally unkillable.


+ nigh unkillable Merkava 2s

+ Incredible morale

+ Perehs now have the task of HQ hunting


- Terrible Anti Tank values especially vs NATO

- almost complete lack of effective AA

Final Verdict: C+

While the Israelis can now boast that they have immortal Merkavas, their army still has a horrible problem vs other NATO factions due to a top anti-tank value of 21. The Pereh also has a new job, hunting artillery and formation commanders to disrupt your opponent's plans.



You're looking at the single best army in Team Yankee, the Iraqis.


+ Easy access to AT23 (Hinds, Gazelles, HOT bus)

+ Good artillery (AMX AUF1)

+ USA air support (A10s)


- infantry blobs still completely useless vs armor

- Weird stares from other players when you tell them Iraq is NATO

- Regarded as a powergaming army

Final Verdict: A+

Iraq was a mistake. The unexpected winner of the faction review, Iraq singlehandedly walks away with some of the best and most relevant units in V2, and remains a tough nut to crack on either attack or defense, thanks to their abundance of high AT weapons and numbers. Saddam Approves.


PACT and aggressor nations

Soviet Union

We'd better get the T80U or Im taking a flight down to Auckland...


+ Easy access to High AT23 (Hinds, Storms)

+ T80b with ERA (chobham equivalent)

+ BMP3 with low pressure 100mm cannon

+ Afghansty are now available as black box support

+ Frogfoots will see more use against super heavy tanks


- Dont get as many new toys as NATO

- BMP2 spam is over

- Terrible artillery skill ratings

Final Verdict: B+

The Soviet Union is going to get some new toys, but likely not as many as their NATO counterparts. Even so, their core strategy remains unchanged, which is to simply overpower their foes with superior firepower and mobility. Now that BMP spam is going away, Soviet anti-tank will shift to their air assets, especially the hind.


East Germany

Typical German efficiency. Just MSU.


+ MSU T55 builds still relevant


- MSU T55 builds bleed points

- Horrible AT without air support

Final Verdict: B+

Until the East Germans get an updated book, MSU T55s will remain a thing and will be the cornerstone of the German strategy of offloading more tanks than most tables have space. 



Tak Jest!


+ new morale rules benefit the Polish with their universal 3+ remount (looking at you T55 platoons)

+ DANA SPG now more powerful than ever

+ excellent mine clearers


- Comparatively speaking still the most expensive PACT force points wise

- Unable to field large amounts of T72m 

Final Verdict: C+

Poland is the winner of the new morale rules and minefield changes, but with its quirky pointage, especially regarding the T72m, it is unable to leverage upon the morale advantage with such lacking equipment and numbers.



Say what you will about their courage, but the czechs do make amazing vehicles!


+ Still point for point the most punchy PACT army

+ huge platoons of T55 incoming

+ excellent mine clearing (T55)

+ dirt cheap Gophers


- does not benefit from the new morale rules due to bad remount ratings

Final Verdict: B

Czechoslovakia remains largely unchanged from its V1 incarnation as it does not benefit much from the morale changes. Again, best used as an aggressive tank list with superior mine-clearing capabilities and powerful artillery.



Innovators of improvised tank protection


+ easy access to AT23 (Hinds, Gazelle)

+ Large T72m platoons


- Not Iraq

Final Verdict: C

Turns out that removing the French equipment and USA air support also takes away a lot of the bite from the Iraqi list. Who knew?



Imagine fighting a modern war with world war 1 tactics!


+ chieftains and m60 platoons are tougher, i guess?


- Basij are shafted by the new artillery rules

- Horrible, horrible AT

Final Verdict: D

Sadly, Iran limps away as the faction hit hardest by the changes to V2, especially artillery and heavy tanks. Unable to capitalise on the new morale changes due to their fixed tank platoons, and lacking any form of high AT outside of Soviet air support, Iran is helpless vs heavy tanks and the Basij can not stand against repeat bombardment and tank assaults.  

That sums up the winners and losers for TYV2. Do check out the online store to see what you need to keep your forces updated as the arms race marches on!


About the Writer:

Eddie is an avid painter who also enjoys anime, studying military history and hopes that Girls Und Panzer will come true one day so that everyone can resolve their differences with tank Airsoft.

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