World War 3: NEW British Units!

World War 3: NEW British Units!

NEW British units unveiled for World War 3: Team Yankee! We discuss the new units here as well as some leaked stats. Its a doozy, with some hits and some big misses.

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Literally the biggest boy available on the table, the upcoming challenger boasts armor unmatched by any tank on the table, most notably making it all but immune to MILANs, TOWs and most tank cannons. Although slow and with a mediocre moving ROF of 1, the challenger will dominate any sector of the table it is in and will need special attention to take it out.


- Armor of FA20/21 and chobham is a fantastic combination and forces opponents to specialise their anti tank capabilities towards AT23 or higher. The tank can sit with impunity facing MILANs or BMP spam and come out on top.

- Good cross country mobility (For a British tank) means that players can now attempt to play aggressively with the Challenger as an assault tank (just look at the assault stats!).

- Black box option allows players to field a platoon of Challengers always. This will be the most common way to use them in most lists.


- Cost. At 11 points for the base tank and 13 points for the ROMOR, its a hefty chunk of your points. 

- ROF 1 means that it will struggle to kill stuff when it is coming in from reserves or forced to move. A classic British weakness.

- The tank is extremely vulnerable to air strikes. FA 21 wont save anyone from a maverick missile or a Frogfoot strike. Hope you brought some Rapiers!

Verdict: A+. Expect to see large platoons of this as Britain's black box option. It wont replace the chieftain entirely, but large numbers of these tanks will change how the game is played.

Warrior IFV

The Warrior, Britain's chunkiest IFV is here to take names. The first IFV with Applique armor (Armor 13 vs HEAT weapons) and the new MILAN mount rules, this expensive but punchy transport opens up new possibilities for British players.


- Armor for the thicc version makes it immune to 12.7mm fire and most smaller autocannons. NATO IFVs in particular will have serious problems fighting warriors. Applique armor also makes the warrior resistant to RPGs and LAWs.

- Boasting the Scimitar's rarden gun, this autocannon will mulch most IFVs at its' engagement range.

- Milan mount shenanigans. As with the US Dragon mount, passengers in the transport can now fire the missile if the tank doesnt move. This allows for some gamey moves as players can retreat their pinned milan teams into the transport and fire it from the tank (which cannot be pinned).


- Clocking in at 14 points for a platoon, the warrior infantry platoon isnt cheap, eliminating any possibility of spamming.

- Sneak and peek is a built in weakness and means that your warrior must either move and fire at 6 inches or forgo shooting the main gun and move 10 inches.

- Armor. Playing defense? Your uparmored warriors now suffer from deep reserves, have fun!

Verdict: B. Cool stats, but being inherently unspammable makes it not a meta choice for the most popular British option of FV432 spam.


An iconic symbol of the cold war era, the M270 MLRS is now available for British, USA and West German units to use. Boasting a salvo template, this handy vehicle drops cluster munitions and mines to stymie any infantry assault.


- unique to this vehicle, each unit counts as 2 guns for the purposes of firing. This means that a unit of 3 guns gets the re-roll bonus of firing with 6 guns!

- Minefield spam. Enjoy dropping 2 minefields on an unsuspecting tank unit!


- poor weapon stats of AT 3 and FP5+ means that although it is great at pinning, the MLRS is terrible at killing dug-in infantry. Sort of a disappointment.

Verdict: C+. Something of a novelty unit, the MLRS stats are a little disappointing and will lead to a lot of dice rolling for little results.


Another handy recce unit option for the British, the Fox is the poor man's version of the scimitar with the same gun and some astoundingly poor cross country ability.


- Its a cute armored car


- Poor cross country mobility

- Sneak and peek (See Warrior)

Verdict: C-. Use it because its' in the British starter box. The Scorpion is an all-around better choice.


A British copy of the Gepard, the Marksman anti aircraft system was never formally adopted but instead appeared in the Finnish army after the cold war. In Team Yankee, the Marksman appears as a much-needed heavy SPAAG for British forces, supplementing the Rapier to provide complete AA cover. This is the Challenger's best friend.


- Its a Gepard, but with british stats.

- According to rumours, the Marksman sports a much higher FA than the Gepard, giving it some more survivability against autocannon fire.


- You can only have one unit ever as part of division support, unlike Gepards.  

- If the rumours are correct, the Marksman also suffers from the deep reserves rule as it has a higher armor value.

Verdict: B. A solid unit that compliments British AA capabilities, but available in limited amounts.  

What units are you looking forwards to field in your modernized British Army? Im personally excited with the addition of the new heavy tanks as it will change how the game is played fundamentally, just like how Tiger spam changed how Flames of War is played. A perennial tournament winning nation and popular army, the new British book brings many exciting new possibilities to both casual and competitive players.


About the Writer:

Eddie is an avid painter who also enjoys anime, studying military history and hopes that Girls Und Panzer will come true one day so that everyone can resolve their differences with tank Airsoft.


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