WDBS #3 West German Infantry Units

WDBS #3 West German Infantry Units

WDBS - What Does Bear Say is a Soviet centric perspective on all things Team Yankee and Flames of War. 

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Today we will examine the German Infantry, now realistically, we will only ever look at Marder and M113 platoons. the Fuchs are smaller, have less firepower and can die if you sneeze in their direction (Not to mention to play a company you need to buy a weird number of boxes of RESIN vehicles..... a real "pay to lose" concept).

German Infantry

The Germans have very proud history of their Grenadiers, from the time of the Prussians against Napoleon, to their Stormtrooper tactics of WWI and their blitzkrieg in WWII. In the cold war, it was no different.

The German regiments were the real Frontline in the cold war, they were considered to be the buffer state. It was truly existential for them as they realised that the West probably wouldn't start using Nukes until after they were overrun, ultimately, the West German state might be the bargaining chip in a peace talk. 

The West German regiments that were stationed on the frontline were fully aware of this and were often stationed in areas near their homes. This meant that West German units during NATO exercises would refuse orders to withdraw. They knew that in an actual hot war situation, a withdrawal would endanger their families and so preferred to long off the red tide as long as possible.

1.0 Marder Panzergrenadier

These are the basic infantry platoons that the West Germans have. It comes with 3 MG teams and 2 Milans teams. They come the very iconic Marder Transport.

1.1 Firepower

The Firepower brought by this platoon follows on the idea of having Troop transports that can follow the infantry into fights and provide medium fire support and covering fire. The Marder is armed with an Auto cannon that can easily take on Support vehicles and BMPs. In the world below MBTs, its always a fastest finger first, for who shoots first, normally wins.

The platoon itself has 2 milans with a range of 36 inches which mean you can reliably take on anything on wheels at a rate of 1 per turn (assuming its 3+ to hit and 3+ FP). Most tanks dont have very good saves against a Milan.

1.2 Germans Size and holding power

The Germans don't learn (must be that stiff Prussian arrogance) and continue to believe in force multipliers such as MGs, an autcannon armed Transport and 2 ATGMs per platoon! They have the tools to handle any threat. They lay down 9 MG shots  / 18 with the Marders involved. Their size leaves a lot to be desired, at 5 stands, they are so clsoe to a platoon morale check it isn't funny or viable to use them in anything other than a defensive posture. 

Their 3+ morale means they are likely to hold on longer than most NATO but getting wiped out puts an end to that dream pretty quickly.

1.3 Assaults

The Germans are the only NATO force to have 3+ morale (mainly because the whole war would likely be fought on it). So they do have the weird ability to be reliable in sticking around for the fight. That being said, they have neither of the other 2 things required for a fist fight, more people (they have 5 stands of which 2 are heavy) and good close combat training (4+ assault is a 50/50)

1.4 What does Bear say

2.0 M113 Panzergrenadiers

The Americans make everything easier with their involvement in a War. Need advice? they have been in almost every conflict since WWII. Need weapons? meet the millitary industrial complex. Need money? they will give you aid money to buy their weapons. This is no different in the case of the West Germans. Enter the Panzergrenadiers in M113s


2.1 Firepower

The M113 firepower has gotten a great 50% boost with just a single Milan. With all the new fancy Carl Gustavs of the later books and the newer SMAWs. I think it is worth noting that a plethora of Milans is very important since most of the time, you can use these gusy to take out a very important support vehicle like a Gaskin or a Gopher that would otherwise ruin your Tornado's day.

2.2 Size and holding power

Largely the same as what i said the first time but these guys do benefit from a one more body which is a god send when you have only 5 stands. The benefit of getting M113s is also that you tend not to use them on suicide duels with Soviets and hold them back until when oyu need them to fend off an infantry assault

2.3 Assault (same as 1.3)

2.4 what does bear say

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