FOW Store Challenge League Round 3 Pairings

FOW Store Challenge League Round 3 Pairings

Round Two Standings

After a round of fierce fighting, the teams begin to form their final positions, with the table at Round Two standing as such!

Number Team Name Members Score
1 Team Power Defence
Fauzi, Louis, Anderson
2 Team Lame
Lance, Zikri, Dino
Gerald, Ben, Jerome
4 Team Horlan V
Eddie, Stephen, Eugene
5 Team Daddy
Vern, Johnson, Lawrence
6 Team 12inch Penetration
Zach, Terrence, Nic Leong


Pairings for Round Three

Gaming Period: 16 October to 1 November

Team Power Defence vs Team Lame

Team ILBCAICL vs Team Horlan V

Team 12inch Penetration vs Team Daddy

Teams with the lowest score will choose the first matchup.


Pairing: Upon announcement of Team pairings, the respective team captains should arrange games within the time frame for team members to fight with their respective opponents. Each pairing must be with a different team member. The team with the least points will decide on the first matchup and alternate matchups with the other team until all players are paired up.

Games can be played anywhere at the convenience of the players. For games at Blitz and Peaces and other stores, please check with the stores beforehand to book tables.


Participating store list:

Blitz and Peaces*

3 Queens road, #06-143, Singapore 260003

*Please book tables with Ben or Eddie for games



#01-03 63 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428776



45A Temple St, Singapore 058590

Fixed Missions: Missions will be declared by the TO each round. 4 missions will be available each round. Players must declare their stance before each game and play the mission declared by the TO.

Round 3 Missions Table
Attack vs Defense Dogfight
Attack vs Maneuver Breakthrough
Maneuver vs Defense Cornered
Same stance Annihilation




Round Two Highlights

9th SS Panzer Division "Hohenstaufen" by Nic holds off against Dino's Shermans in a brutal exchange of panzerfausts and 75mm HE shells!


Jerome's elite SS TIGERs face off against Anderson's veterans from Operation Bagration in a messy free for all.


More Bagration veterans appear as Ben's Hero Naval Infantry encounter Louis' SS Panzergrenadiers in the lush fields of Germany.

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