FOW Store Challenge League - CONCLUSION

FOW Store Challenge League - CONCLUSION

The dust settles after three rounds of heavy fighting throughout the front! It was an arduous journey for many, as newbies and veterans face off in this series of Late War battles all the way till Soviet:Bagration!

Number Team Name Members Score
1 Team Lame Lance, Zikri, Dino 43
2 Team 12Inch Penetration
Zach, Terrance, Nic Leong
Team Power Defence
Fauzi, Louis, Anderson
Gerald, Ben, Jerome
Team Horlan V
Eddie, Stephen, Eugene
6 Team Daddy
Vern, Johnson, Lawrence


A well fought match between all six teams as Team Lame consisting of Lance, Zikri and Dino took the top spot after a hard series of matches against Team Power Defence! Team 12Inch Penetration similarly jumped up the table after a strong showing to earn a placing on the Top 3!

Many thanks to all players of the FOW Store Challenge League, as well as to the newbies who dived right into the gauntlet! And many thanks to our supporting stores around Singapore, joining our community in supporting the growth of Flames of War in Singapore!


Participating store list:

Blitz and Peaces*

3 Queens road, #06-143, Singapore 260003

*Please book tables with Ben or Eddie for games



#01-03 63 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428776



45A Temple St, Singapore 058590



Nicholas' SS Tigers rush to defend the objective against Lawrence's Armoured Rifle onslaught!

Annihilation! Zikri's heavy armour from Fortress Europe encounter Fauzi's Panzer Lehr Division in a bloody clash of steel.

Jerome's SS TIGERs attack and hold the objective against Stephen's Panthers as Operation Valkyrie comes to a win for the Fuhrer.

Zach (On the right) lines up the 9th Infantry Division against Vern's 901st Panzergrenadier Battalion supported by the 130th Panzer Regiment.

Combined arms training, 1944. Terrance's Fallschirmjaegers match up with Johnson's own as they simulate an allied advance.

Bagration Soviets led by Anderson attempt a combined arms breakthrough of Hero Motor Rifles and heavy tanks against Dino's Sherman DD formation of Fireflies and M10s.


Thank you all for reading and participating!

Remember, every toy soldier needs a general.

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