Situation report

Stage 1 total scores:

Allies 33

Axis 29

Player standings

Name total score
Eddie 10
Andrew Ng 4
Nic Leong 2
Vern Lim 4
Syalabi 3
Terrence (CHANGE SIDE) 2
Daryl tan 4
Zikri 2
Dino 5
Jerome 10
Lawrence 2
Francis 3
Abdullah 0
Xiang jun 3
Terrence 6
Lance 2




Despite the spirited push of the Germans in the foggy weather, the terrain itself has slowed their advance through Allied lines. US and UK battle groups have held critical crossings and supplies continue to arrive to the frontline unhindered by the German attacks. 

As the weather clears and fresh reinforcements arrive, US forces must push back the Germans, who are now holding on to the Ardennes and break their backs in this decisive battle. 



- Germany

- Waffen SS

- Hungary*

- Finland*

- Romania*



- UK

- Russia*

- Romania*

*For inclusion's sake these nations represent battles on the eastern front.

List building & Submission: 

Lists can be played between 50-105 points as agreed between players.

List restrictions:

  • Lists can be comprised of a maximum of 2 formations, inclusive of any allied formations.
  • Lists can be changed at any time by players. Players may also change their nations at any time, as long as they stay either axis or allies.
  • Command Cards:  maximum of 2 command cards are allowed per list. Command cards must correspond to the force diagram of the chosen book.

For any list that is represented on Forces of War website, the Forces of War list shall be used and its rules shall prevail. For any mistakes that are clearly problems on the weblists, TOs will clarify on the spot. 


13 Nov: Stage 1 starts

27 Nov: Stage 2 Starts

18 Dec: End of Campaign 

Round Pairings: Upon announcement of each stage of the campaign, the respective players should arrange games within the time frame to fight with their respective opponents from another Front. Each pairing must be with a different player within the stage. 

Games can be played at the blitzminis store.


115a commonwealth drive 03-03/4, singapore 149576


NOTE: All stores require tracetogether. Please check with your respective stores for table availability.


Fixed Missions: 

The following missions will be in use for stage 2

Roll a d3 for the missions list:

1: Breakthrough

2: Elastic Defense (BULGE American Scenario)

3: NUTS! (BULGE American Scenario)

ALLIED FORCES will take the role of Attacker in all missions except for NUTS!. The player with the most points in infantry/ Gun team formations/teams will be the defender in NUTS! mission.


Mission details can be found using the more missions table here:


Stage 2 Weather conditions: Snow and blizzards

The following extra conditions will be in play for the duration of Stage 2 Missions (BULGE: Americans p.98). Roll on the table to check for the following weather conditions before each mission is played.

1: Snowstorm

2-5: Normal weather

6: Blizzards

In addtion, the following conditions are in play for all  missions (BULGE: Americans p.99)

Snowy Terrain

Frozen ponds

Reporting: Players are to take at least 1 photo of their game, post to the blitzminis whatsapp group and submit the results to the cashier at the blitzminis store. 

submission details

player names

Affiliation (Fronts)

Result (VP totals)


Players score points according to the following criteria each month. Each point can be scored according to the O available.

Assembling a new unit: OO

Paint a new unit: O

Introduce a new gamer: O (must be validated by store demo)

Play a game: OOOOOOOO

Win a game: OOOO

Total scores are tabulated at the end of each stage and standings will be updated on https://www.blitzminis.com/. The points scoring will refresh upon the start of a new stage in the campaign 


REDEMPTION ITEMS (Available at the end of the Campaign)

All items can be redeemed once per player. 

EXCLUSIVE neoprene minefield set (set of 4pcs): 4pts 

FLAMES OF WAR deck holder: 4pts

FLAMES OF WAR token set: 8pts

FLAMES OF WAR dice set: 8pts


Best front (Highest total points)

5-star general (Overall points for single player)

4-star general  (2nd Overall points for single player)

3-star general  (3rd Overall points for single player)

Best painted 

Best battle report

Prize support (SUBJECT TO CHANGE)

Participation prize: Direct-only Objective token set (whilst stocks last) 


Best front: FOW OR TY Dice Tin for every player in that front 

5-star general: FLAMES OF WAR OR TEAM YANKEE Army Bag

4-star general: BULGE: GERMAN Sourcebook (When it is available)

3-star general: Small box of your choice (Up to $37 worth)

Best painted: World of tanks paint set (worth $40)

Best battle report: Small box of your choice (up to $37 worth)


Rules/Issues Resolution: Players should first consult the rule book and other supplementary PDFS (latest version of Lessons from the front). Go over the rule/issue step-by-step together to see if a solution can be found. If you face any challenging rules situations, please contact a TO.


Tournament Rules 

Models: Players must ensure that their models are assembled and primed at the bare minimum for play. Unit leaders and platoons should be readily identifiable. 

Proxies: No proxies are allowed unless the model is not available from Battlefront or another source. Players with unconventional armies representing a nation using an existing book are allowed at the TO’s discretion.

References: Players must bring a copy of their lists for easy reference and for the sake of their opponents. Players are also reminded to bring their own references for gaming.

Accessories: Players are to bring their own measuring tape, dice, templates, guides, trays and markers (Smoke, minefields etc).

Fair play: Unsportsmanlike behaviour/stalling/rowdiness is frowned upon. Please practice fair sportsmanship and courtesy in your games. Complaints about abusive behaviour to the TOs will result in demerits for the offending Team and may result in disqualification for repeated offences.

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