Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign - Week 1, Day 1

Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign - Week 1, Day 1
Our Firestorm Red Thunder Campaign commenced Saturday, 17th November.

Battle 1 - Battle for Hamburg (South)

Soviet: Terrance (Attack)
British: Melvin (Manoeuvre) 
Points: 100
Mission: Counterattack
Score: Soviet 6: British 1
Tokens: 5
The Soviets push from Salzwedel through Lüneberg and captured Hamburg (South).
Battle for Hamburg South

Battle 2 - Battle for Unterfranken

Czech: Ben (Attack)
US: Jerome (Attack) 
Points: 100
Mission: Counterattack
Score: US 4: Czech 3
Tokens: 1
The Czechs tried to advance on Frankfurt from Thuringia through Unterfranken but were pushed back by the AmericansBy the end of the battle, The Americans had pushed the Czechs back to Leipzig and captured Thuringia.

Battle for Unterfranken

Battle 3 - Battle for Hamburg (North)

East German: Ben (Attack)
West German: Nicholas (Defend) 
Points: 100
Mission: Counterattack
Score: WG 6: EG 1
Tokens: 5
The Warsw Pact Forces completed the encirclement of Hamburg and cut the NoRTHAG in two. Despite the British royal marines and the best efforts of 21st Panzer Div under Hptm Mutter Lieber, the Red bear managed to win the day convincingly. Copenhagen will now stand alone.

Battle for Hamburg North

Battle 4 - Battle for Leipzig 1

Soviet: Ben (Attack)
Dutch: Vick (Attack) 
Points: 100
Mission: Contact
Score: Dutch 4: Soviet 3
Tokens: 1
Commander Vick in charge of the Dutch scout division was ordered to recon the area outside of Leipzig. This simple probing mission started out as a simple textbook mission. Spotting some enemy elements, the infantry decided to defend the intersection and commander vick called up his Leopard Peleton. Commander vick saw an opportunity as 7 T-64s were refueling at a nearby Fuel depot and decided to order the Leopard 2s to engage. while initial shock of the engagement knocked out a T-64s before it had fired, the battle erupted into a Tank duel. East germans tanks nearby joined the fray and soon Vick was calling in for Tornado Air support. Contact with the enemy had developed into a full scale battle. Losing 4 Leopards and 2 Tornados, Vick had managed to exceed his scouting mission and gain a foothold in a key intersection outside of leipzig perfect for use as a staging area for the fight of the city.

Battle for Leipzig 1

Battle 5 - Battle for Leipzig 2

Soviet: Terrance (Attack)
Canadian: Nicholas (Defend) 
Points: 93
Mission: No Retreat
Score: Canadian 4: Soviet 3
Tokens: 1
The Canadian infantry supported by the Leopard 1s of the Panzertruppen, initially dug in and absorbed the hammer blow from the advancing Soviet Infantry. By the end of the day, they held on to the objective and pushed the Soviets out of Leipzig back into Dresden.

Battle for Leipzig 2
At the end of week 1, as was expected, the Warsaw Pact pushed through the Northern Front and split the Nordic Front from rest of NATO. In the Central Front, the combined US, Dutch and Canadian forces managed to hold and counterattacked into Thuringia and captured Leipzig. Will Copenhagen fall next? Will NATO push into Dresden? Stay tuned as more battles are fought and the fate of Europe is decided!

Red Thunder Week 1
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