D-Day Campaign Game 1 - "Shot in the Dark"

D-Day Campaign Game 1 - "Shot in the Dark"
dday campaign game 1

Location: Vierville

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0300 hrs: 9th SS 4th Company was billeted at Vierville, with combat platoons and anti-tanks sections placed on road routes to monitor possible partisan activity. Seconded 2nd platoon from Armoured Panzergrenadier Company, also billeted around the church, was alerted to possible airborne drops in the area.
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0315 hrs: SS platoon on policing duties are engaged in heavy fighting with US Paras shortly after air raid sirens. All units are alerted via radio systems and SS Panzer company to the west is alerted and authorized to advance under darkness. Exempt for Führer's directive to keep armour back.
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0330 hrs: Without senior command to order stand to at Vierville, the seconded Armoured Panzergrenadier platoon's PC orders a general advance to reinforce engaged platoon, despite it being a possible distraction. Armoured Panzergrenadier platoon is engaged and pinned by us paras in wooded areas.
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0345 hrs: Close quarter fighting ensues in the darkness with SS's relentless fervour but it is reported that small calibre artillery shells are falling on their position, which suggest a close fire support element in the area.
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A panzer platoon arrived behind the American Fire Support and proceeded to assault in an attempt to relief pressure on security platoon. Radio reports on security platoon becoming intermittent!
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0415 hrs: With heavy fighting and no relief forces in sight, casualties are mounting as the security platoon defends on two fronts.
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0430 hrs: The last radio transmission is received from the Security Platoon informing death of all officers and NCOs. Preparing for a final counterattack. All units will fall back to next control line and abandon city due to uncertain partisan disruption.
  1. Mission: shot in the dark
  2. Points: 100
  3. Players: Jerome (US) vs Ben (SS)
  4. US Parachute Company vs Grenadiers and SS Panzer IV Company
  5. Vierville
  6. Reinforcement Units: none used
  7. 8:1 Victory - 1 platoon 5 x Vet 76mm Sherman added to Allied Reinforcement Pool.

Current Reinforcement Pool

  1. 1 x Full Assault Boat Section
  2. 1 x Full Airborne Platoon
  3. 1x 4 Sherman 75 Platoon (Trained)
  4. 1 x 5 Sherman 76 (Veteran) - Added by Jerome
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