Czech in or Czech Out ? TY V2

Czech in or Czech Out ? TY V2

Hello Comrades!

The Red bear is back and has been brought back to the land of the living after being invoked in Eddie Cees latest post! I will be using this article to explain the upcoming release of V2 and what it means for the completely less equal brothers of the Union, Czechs. 

We don't have the flashiest toys but man for some reason we know what we are doing and have many many of the tier two tanks.

With the coming of V2, the timeline will be staying the same in fluff (the narrative) but the tech will be advancing to show a more protracted conflict. We have already been shown warriors, Challengers, T-80 (we aren't sure which version we are getting yet), and plenty of new toys. 

Its unconfirmed whether the satellite states will be getting the T-72s since it is now relegated to tier 2 after the T-80. 

But let's assume that much will stay the same and evaluate the list we have with the new rules incoming.

The first thing i will say is that we can assume that Battlefront will be changing no points and no rules in their effort to keep all books "Live". So when you read the rest of the article, we will be making statements and inferences based on that.

The great enemy is not in fact capitalism. It is Minefields.

in the current game, you are required to pass a Courage test (5+) enter a minefield, get pasted if you fail a skill test and then on your next turn, forgo movement(if you weren't gunned down in the field) and pass an order to remove the mines. This order can only be given if you are not pinned (Rally 5+)

In v2, we do not require a motivation to enter the minefield. this is a big difference. The other big change to mativation and other ratings is that a commander no longer "guides" his troops within 6" by letting them use his skill. But all rally, coutnerattacks, platoon morales get to reroll. this means the difference between granting the unit a single 4+ rally with the commander to now a reroll on 5+ is a 50% versus a 54.78%. That may seem like very little but in an army that requires you to work towards averaging down rather than praying for success, this works very well for us.

The alternative that i will be using is to bring T-55 with minerollers. The motivation test which would have been a 4+ with commander previously is gone. meaning a previous 50% chance is now 100% success. They do not get pinned by the mines and so do not need to rally. this means a simple smoke cover and some cheap tier 3 or 4? tanks are going to clear the field and let them break through.

I am a real treadhead at heart and love my tanks rolling in. This will be great to let me play a complete Czech list without having to rely on the more dependable Slavs from the soviet Union who can always be counted on to run into danger and die in droves for the motherland.

Auto-Loader and 6 gun artillery

The next point that we have going for us in TY V2 is that our artillery is cheap and about to get much better. autoloaders reduce the score needed to hit by one, in the current meta that normally brings a 5+ NATO infantry stand to 4+, which is unreliable. in V2, there are no modifiers for artillery which would mean NATO infantry now get hit on 3+ with autoloaders (assuming you range in on the first attempt, a big IF). Now with 6 guns you get to reroll to hit, which would mean even a second or third range in attempt will make hitting each team a 75% and 54% respectively. Very respectable for 12 points of Danas, 13 if you count the observer.

Oh Platoon Morale

I know there is alot of doom and gloom with the new morale rules but honestly anything that makes the game move faster is a plus in the age of instant gratification for gamers. So i see this as a good change (me being mostly a Soviet player, the lamentations coming from the NATO whiners might factor into this acceptance :P )

Yes our morale is terrible at 4+, as bad as the yankees who would rather be home. which mean if we get down to one tank, we are even money on running away and going home.

But thats where the bad news ends, and honestly when did a single soviet tank with their stellar ROF 1 ever do anything. I have played games where Mortars and artillery see a single tank break through to the rear lines and they keep firing on the enemy knowing i will only kill one gun every two turns......

The good news is that Rally is now done before checking for good spirits which means as long as after your remount tests you have 2 tanks live, you dont have to roll platoon morale! HOOORAAAYYY! OH MY STALIN!

There is another change in that previously, remounts were not changed by your commander since it was based on the tank design etc etc etc. This has now swapped to FOW which is that the commander yelling at the crews within 6" (thats 150 metres) gives them a reroll to REMOUNT. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT, that is a 75% to remount.

I can't seem to emphasize this enough but man an all tank army is really hard to stop. with all the new NATO tanks that are going to be nice and shiny and high FA and AT, and remount!!!....... and really expensive? their side armour shouldn't be able to stand up to T-55 At 17. Also not with the widening gap of number ratios if they bring the new toys. unless the Anglophiles at BF give the challenger ROF 3 which will cause me to Rage Quit hahaha. 

SO with all of this stated, I think the Czechs are not out of the fight, in fact it may be time for you to Czech in to Hotel 55! 



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