Conquest Riismark Campaign 2022, The Empire Strikes back!

Welcome to the Conquest Campaign for BlitzMinis! We are starting exactly where we stopped off the last campaign! The Riismark is aflame with war! The races that inhabit the land have decided the rich fertile lands are for them!

Conquest Last Arguement of Kings is a table top wargame that is meant to be fast and quickly resolved by armies using rank and file armies and tactics. It is played at the 32 mm Scale!

The Imperial Chamberlain has heard of the encroaching forces of the other races in the breadbasket of the 100 Kingdoms. Reports have also surfaced to his attention that the nobility of the Riismark were more concerned about using the invaders as pretext to increase their own holdings and to attack each other with a view for dominance. This internal strife has only worsened the problem and allowed the Wadrhun to gain a firm foorthold in the south, the spires to expand beyond Nepenthe, the nomadic Dweghom to burrow into mountains and the nordic raiders to go unchecked by the coast!

How to play!

Sign up and go to Create a roster of 2,000 points that you can then use in the campaign! If you don't have enough points you can creat a smaller force first and then add on later. This roster is what will be able to gain experience in the fighting and battles!

When you challenge a player to a fight, simply play any battle you wish and record the VP scored by both winners and losers and units (characters included) lost for both sides. these contirbute to the weekly totals!

Rem that after each battle your units gain experience and this can be tracked on the army builder so we strongly reccomend using the web based browser to make your lsit and maintain it.

Record your games and every week a new narrative will continue to mould the story of the campaign! The Each week we will give out special loot that is only gotten in the organised play set! 

Gaining Experience for your units and giving them special abilities!

To understand how muhc experience is given to each unit on the field, Check out the link here

How to sign up: Just let our staff know and pay the fee anytime during the campaign to join in and help out your faction win!

Once you complete your game, report it to a staff member to ensure it gets records for the week!

Whom do I play against? 

Just challenge anyone in the chat to a game typically on Thursday as its conquest day and get the action going, you can play any points level both players agree to.

Must I play every week?

No you do not need to, and factions with more players would be averaged down to compare with less populated factions.

Sign up now! Each player who signs up gets 3 small Objectives and 1 large. This should complete the set for many players who joined us in the first campaign!


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