Canadians in Team Yankee: We're Sorry, And You Will Be Too(Part 1)

Canadians in Team Yankee: We're Sorry, And You Will Be Too(Part 1)

Hello readers! In the first part of this article, we'll be taking a closer look at the sorry lot we call the Canadian army

Please don't let the Russians in

(Psst, you're supposed to keep that putain Vladimir out)

Reflecting their comparatively limited participation, the Canadians have only 2 core formations to choose from: Leopard C1 Armoured Squadrons comprising of the eponymous tank, and the M113 Mechanised Company

M113 Mechanised Company

Their ORBAT closely mirrors their rude southern counterparts. Similar to the Yanks they get a single tank platoon and artillery platoon along with several recce and tank hunter units. No dedicated AA elements are available within the company.


Coming in at a total of 8 stands, the crunchies are a moderately durable unit. With a dedicated GPMG support team and a light mortar in each platoon, the boys have increased anti-infantry capability over the Americans. Their skill and motivation blocks are similar to the Yanks, with the exception of Skill 3+.

There are several points of note about their infantry: a total lack of night vision gear or infantry ATGMs and the Carl Gustavs in their place. Maple syrup goggles having no night vision functionality is a potential Achilles heel to be exploited by a canny opponent. The M113s they ride are armed with .50cals but like the men they ferry prioritise finding maple syrup at night over finding the enemy.

Considering how shite the M47 Dragon produced by their neighbour actually was, it's easy to see why the Canadians were having Nunavut. Unfortunately that also makes it harder for them to capitalise on their increased Skill rating. On the other hand, Charlie Gs provide close in anti-tank capability that is lacking in the Yanks.  All in all, I have to rate them a solid Friend

For actual anti-MBT duty at standoff ranges, the are still completely reliant on their support forces like the Yanks again. The Canucks operate the M150 instead of the M901. While both mount the same missile clocking in at a solid AT21, the M150 lacks the Hammerhead mount and its namesake rule, making it more vulnerable to return fire. On the other hand they come in units of 3 rather than 2, making them more resilient to morale. The Canadians get a total of 9 ITOW posts in a company as opposed to the Americans' 8, a slight but still welcome advantage. They're still a necessary Buddy for the Canucks.

Integral artillery in the infantry formation is provided by the 81mm equipped M125 instead of the US M106. Like the Limeys the mounted 81mms provide indirect HE and smoke bombardments at bargain bin points costs, albeit at the cost of having no real ability to hurt armoured vehicles. To my mind that is a small price to pay. Even though they pay a tax due to the meager bit of extra protection from being mounted in a M113 instead of a FV432, they are still a great value buy. The unit gets a Pal from me

For scout duty the Canadians operate the Lynx, a variant of the M113 armed with both a .50cal and a 7.62mm MG. It's not to be confused with its German counterpart of the same name, seeing as its counterpart is an entirely different vehicle chassis on its own. At least this kitty has IR unlike the rest of the syrup wagon motor pool. Being fully tracked gives it better off-road movement and Cross values; greater consistency that's well worth the loss of a few extra inches of road movement in my opinion. The additional point you pay is irksome, however they're still a Guy you'd like to have around.

Leopard C1 Armoured Squadron

The Armoured Squadrons are most similar to the US counterparts once again, with the ability to take a single infantry platoon and tank hunter unit as well as several recce units. No integral dedicated AA assets are present here either, leaving them completely at the support level for the Canucks. Interestingly, their HQ unit has a maximum size of 3 tanks for a grand total of 19 tanks in a single formation if you're inclined to max out.

Equipment wise, the C1 is identical to the 1A4 in all ways except for one: for a single point per platoon more than their FRG counterparts, the Leopard C1 gets Brutal on its main gun. A great boon for the Canadians that leaves the German version in the dust.

(A handy West German guide on how to cope with Canadian Leopard 1s)

The M60 still edges it out as a better cavalry tank due to its ability to take on T55 spam and actually having enough armour to reasonably be called armoured. However, this shot in the arm means that players finally have a reason to consider the Leopard 1 chassis in more competitive games. A welcome boost that will help make an old maple-coloured Buddy more poplar


Stay tuned for part 2, where we'll talk aboot Canadian support options, and synergy with the 4 big NATO nations

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  • Francisco - August 24, 2019

    Funny and nice review, really enjoyed it! PS. Putain is France French, no one in Quebec would use that word. “Estie” or “Tabarnak” would be more appropriate!

  • Terry - June 06, 2018

    Great review, Nick. Can’t wait for part 2

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