Bagration megabattle: Orsha

Bagration megabattle: Orsha

Operation Bagration

Dubbed the blow that broke the back of Germany, Operation Bagration was one of the largest offensives launched in World War 2 by the Soviets against occupied Belarus, and the speed and ferocity of the campaign destroyed much of the German army, liberated the Belorussian capital of Minsk, and opened a clear path to Berlin by the end of June. 

Date: 10 apr 2021

venue: Blitzminis

115a commonwealth drive 03-03/4 

singapore 149596

Free participation, up to 4 players a side

2 tables free for open gaming 

Campaign details here

Campaign Registration here

Prelude to victory

The cities of Vitebsk and Orsha overlooked the critical Moscow-Minsk highway, which was vital to the operation and made them strategic targets for the opening stages of Operation Bagration. Hitler had declared both cities to be ‘Festungs’, or fortress strongholds, and was determined to hold as long as possible before the soviet onslaught.

The 78th Sturm assault division was poised to hold the highway against any assault, and was liberally equipped with heavy artillery and anti-tank guns. 

The Soviets, anticipating the well-prepared defenses, had outfitted their assaulting rifle divisions with Mine-clearing tanks, heavy assault guns and an engineer assault battalion, as well as waves of flamethrower T-34s to mop up resistance. 

This massive armored push bogged down into a desperate battle amongst tank traps, mines and ferocious close combat with well-equipped German infantry. Historically, the Soviets broke through the highway and pushed a mixed task force through the gap to capture Orsha within the following days. But now the battle is in your hands. Can the Germans buy enough time to prevent the Soviets from breaking through the front?


Breakthrough Assault

Attackers: up to 4 Soviet players

Defenders: up to 4 German players

List building

Lists are to be built to a 100 point limit.

All lists must be built with the following books

Bagration: Soviet

Bagration: German

D-Day: Waffen SS

Fortress Europe

Lists can only be comprised of one formation each. A maximum of 1 command card is allowed per list.

Pre-built lists will be available to players (please indicate to Store beforehand)

Special rules

  • Minefields (defender)
  • Ambush (defender)
  • Scattered immediate reserves (Defender)

1.  The defenders select up to 60% of their force to deploy from their respective lists and hold the rest in scattered immediate reserves. 

  1. Starting with the defender, players place ranged in markers for all of their deployed artillery units.
  2. The defenders then place their remaining units in their assigned sectors (Labeled 1-4)
  3. The attackers place their units in their assigned sectors (labeled 1-4) 
  4. All infantry and gun teams start the game in foxholes.

Who goes first

The Attackers has the first turn.

Winning the Game

The attackers win if they end their turn holding 3 objectives or more.

The defender wins if they end a turn on or after the sixth turn holding 3 or more objectives and with no attacking tank, infantry or gun teams within 8 inches of the objectives.

Otherwise, the game ends on Turn 8 and a tally is calculated from the objectives taken by the Soviets.

0 Objectives: Major Failure

1 Objective: Minor Failure

2 Objectives: Stalemate

3-5 Objectives: Operational success

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