B&P Dice Pouches

B&P Dice Pouches

When Blitz & Peaces started, we were already too late to get any of the dice tins that Battlefront made. By then, the prices of each tin, especially the popular ones like the US and Wehrmacht, were something beyond our reach. We then toyed with the idea, made an initial run of our own dice tins and decided finally to making an accessory pack that would assist in each game being played. 

We currently have four designs:

1. German Heer
2. Waffen SS
3. US Army
4. Imperial Japanese Army

Each pack consist of the following - Laser LOS marker, Faction specific dice, Battlefront Tokens & objective markers and deployment markers. 

1. Line Of Sight (LOS)

Our first observations was that Line Of Sight(LOS) was a big issue. This led to the inclusion of a high powered laser pointer which shoots out a single straight line (however, don't expect industrial accuracy but serves well for game play). 

2. Dice

An essential item and a must in all accessory packs. Each set is personalized to the four designs. The 16 mm dice are of a good heft and near perfect bounce. We designed the facings to have an almost flat surface and we also ensured that if you were to drop the dice, it would bounce and roll to give randomness and variance. I am just kidding, these are normal 16 mm dice made by Chessex.

3. Tokens 

There's no argument that when you want to make something good and of quality, you don't shirk from the original. We tried to make them ourselves, but the method and production were simply too costly. Yes, there are alternatives on the web but those would not, in our humble opinion, last as long as the Battlefront ones. So, we talked to Battlefront and we collaborated on making tokens that we could put into our packs. One point of difference is that we have increased the number of tokens provided. 5 for the more commonly used markers like "Bailed Out" and "Pinned Down" and 2 of the less commonly used like "Reorganising" and "Ranged In". Included are also 2 objective markers along with the 34 tokens. 


4. Deployment markers

Deployment zones are always a difficult thing to demarcate. Yes, you could use dice but then it could be affect by parallax error and you could make mistakes. We have included inside, opaque white acrylic deployment zone markers. enough for any mission you would play from the Flames of War game. 

5. Pouch 

It was difficult to get the right thing going for us. We toyed with a tin, but with the tins that are still around and wanted a container that are a little more durable. We then settled on a nice synthetic leather that we thought would fit the requirement nicely. It is compact and would fit snugly in the small side pocket of the Flames of War bag by Battlefoam. The pouch comes with a carabiner and nylon loop. Inside the pack, you will find Eva foam which will house the laser pointer, tokens and dice. We recommend using the elastic bands that are holding the foam in place to keep the tokens and dice down during transport. 


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