Wreckers, Fire Recon Armored Squad (TAG Pack)

Corvus belliSKU: 282029-1089

Sale price $80.00


Armies: O-12 / Torchlight Brigade

Wreckers owe their name to the fact that they’re the wrecking balls of the Torchlight Brigade. As a smaller organization unable to deploy large numbers of troops, Torchlight needs resources that are self-sufficient and capable of finishing any fight that others may have started. Wreckers are the quintessential example of such definitive resources, presented in a compact and easy-to-transport format that allows them to be deployed in any area or territory, no matter how remote and challenging.

Sale Info: This box includes a plastic resin miniature of a Wrecker with HMG. Include the tough firepower of a TAG in your O-12 Torchlight Brigade Action Pack (Ref.: 282027-1071) and no enemy will be able to resist the armor piercing fire of its HMG.

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