Warcrow Battle Pack Winds from the North (EN)

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In the two player introductory battle box Winds from the North you will find all you need to start playing this warband game and take part in incredible adventures in an epic fantasy setting, including a selection of spectacular miniatures from two of the most powerful armies in the Warcrow Universe:

From the disciplined Hegemony of Embersig, the most cosmopolitan empire formed by humans, Aestari elves and Ghent dwarves nation of Lindwurm: Hetman Dragoslav Bjelogríc “The Anvil”,  one Frostfire Herald, one War Surgeon, one Bucklerman Leader and three Bucklermen.

From the ruthlessly aggressive Northern Tribes, composed of the orcs and varanks: Alborch, the Warthmane; one Wisemane, one Evoker, one Hunter Leader and three Hunters.

Use your cunning and the might of your military to overcome the daunting confrontation, fight for what you believe in, unravel the mysteries that surround you, defend your territory, and advance the destiny of your nation…

This box includes 14 miniatures, 1 learn How to Play booklet, 1 gaming mat, 10 cards, 18 custom dice, 4 distance templates, 1 turn counter, 139 tokens and markers, and terrain elements.

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