TUSAB04 WWIII: American Starter Force: Armoured Cavalry Troop

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This Item is ready for Preorder. Expected release/shipping date: Mid Jul 2020.

The American Armored Cavalry Troop is the best starting point for any USA army.
The box contains between 77 and 128 points, depending on how you choose to build your models.

This all-plastic box contains:

• 5x Abrams Tanks
• 4x Bradley Scouts
• 3x M109 155mm Self-propelled guns
• 2x AH64 Apache Helicopters
• 4x HMMWV Scouts
• 2x Flight Stands
• 8x Rare Earth Magnets
• 1x Complete A5 Rulebook
• 1x American “Start Here” Booklet
• 4x Decal Sheets
• 14x Unit Cards

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