Tohaa Combat Force Repack Beta

Corvus belliSKU: 280937-1117

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Armies: Tohaa

An advanced civilization, the Tohaa are masters in the fields of biotechnology, genetic engineering, and the harnessing of minor species to their own ends. Tireless explorers and intrepid trailblazers who have never stopped mapping and incorporating new star systems in the name of their civilization, the Tohaa Trinomial.

Sale Info: This box includes 10 miniatures: One Kaeltar with Combi Rifle, one Kaeltar with Light Shotgun, two SymbioMates, two SymbioBombs, one Sukeul with Missile Launcher, one Sakiel with Spitfire, one Aelis Keesan with Viral Combi Rifle and one Nikoul with Viral Sniper Rifle.

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