Ahlwardt Ice Bear Exclusive Edition

Corvus BelliSKU: PW01

Sale price $40.00


Very few varank are able to keep a level head when changing forms, often being completely dominated by their totem. There are so few true Skin Changers that many legends revolve around them, oft repeated throughout generations.

This is the main reason Ahlwardt Ice Bear’s name is renowned as a great warlord and strategist, followed by most of his people. The Jarl is a killing machine when he takes the form of the gigantic white bear, capable of severing an arm with a single claw swipe or biting the head off an enemy. Yet, at all times, he remains in control, leading the battle and keeping his most primal instincts on a short leash.

Commercial: Ahlward, the mighty leader of the Skin Changers, merges the beast's supremacy in combat with the varank's rational control, consistently dominating the battle—a combination as powerful as it is terrifying. This exclusive miniature will only be available during the warcrow pre-order.

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