Start your Star Wars Story here!

Whether your a decorated veteran of the civil war, a freshly minted cadet of the imperial academy or a farmer on a back water planet dreaming of the stars, you can start your adventure here with us!

You can choose from two different options, one shots or a full campaign. Details below

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Immersive Experience

With over 200 Star Wars Miniatures

Flat screen TV for table Map

All book keeping to be done by the GM and stored online

One shots

These sessions do not require any preexisting knowledge of the game or setting it is run in. You will be given pregenerated characters with a ready made back ground. The group will then be flung right into the adventure.

Cost: $35.00 / per pax / per session
The session should take 3 hours
Each player will receive a set of SWRPG dice as part of this experience

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Campaign Games

This option is for people who are sure they would like to venture the galaxy, whether you have friends with you or you need us to find your crew, we can do that. Each Campaign arc is typically 4-8 sessions with the story able to continue indefinitely.

These campaigns will start with a session 0 where you will create your characters with the GMs guidance.

Cost: $35.00 / per pax / per session
- Each player will receive a set of SWRPG dice on their first session
- Upon their 4 session, they will also be eligible for a Free painted Mini of their character! (STL Permitting)
- Each player will get a fully laminated character sheet to track their characters progress

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Which period of Star wars is this going to take place in?

Currently, We will run the Era of the Empire, AKA, the dark times. The Empire is newly formed and rapidly taking control of the galaxy. We may explore doing others in the future.

Who is the Game Master / DM?

Benjamin, he is the owner of Blitzminis and has been RPing for over 15 years

What if I don't enjoy it?

You can cancel your committment at anytime, if you have prepaid, we will refund you for any sessions not used.

Why this price?

To provide an immersive experience, a digital tabletop, painted Minis and cloud based bookeeping all go into the experience you enjoy

I've already played a one shot and would like to progress into a campaign, how does that work?

After a one shot, to proceed to a campaign, you will have a session 0 to create a character probably with a group, the group can then decide if they wish to pick up from where the one shot ended or to start afresh on a tailor made starting point

Will my character be the same throughout adventures?

Yes! characters can be used between adventures or changed, you could theoretically keep the same character and keep playing them or swap them out for new challenges. Its entirely up to you. Be warned, the Galaxy is filled with many threats, bounty hunters, blizzards, wampas and treacherous partners.