SIF108 Tully Cavaliers

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House Tully Will Always Answer the Direwolf’s Call

House Tully has been a longtime ally of House Stark, the two banners fighting side-by-side on countless battlefields. When the Direwolf calls, House Tully answers. Among their assets, the Tully Cavaliers rank as one of the most valuable. They’re known all over Westeros for their devastating charge. A Tully Cavalier at full gallop, lance aimed right at the enemy, is one of the most feared things in battle.

The Tully Cavalier unit box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives Stark players a new cavalry option for their forces. Their main power comes from being highly specialized at dealing maximum damage when they charge. They gain extra attack dice, Critical blow, and Sundering, which can easily shatter enemy defensive formations. On their own defensive side of things, they combine a respectable Defensive Save with the ability to restore wounds when targeted by the Maneuver icon on the Tactics Board to create a unit that the enemy will have a hard time removing from the field

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