15mm US Tank Company

Plastic Soldiers Company


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Walk in the footsteps of Patton! racing through France and storming into the heart of Germany. You can now recreate those epic flanking manouvers in Brittany and Normandy and keep the Germans watching their flanks with this US Tank Company box set. Included in this box set you will have 7x Sherman M4A1's, 5x M4A1's 76mm wet, 3x Stuart M5A1's, 5x M3 Halftracks, 29x Riflemen, 4x M1917 MG teams, 4x M1919 MG teams, 4x M2 HMG teams, 4x Basooka teams, 4x 80mm mortar teams, 4x 120mm mortar teams and 2x mixed base sprues.

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