German Heer Dice Pouch

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Dice Pouches!

Tired of having to bring multiple things to a game and get them from different sources? Our dice pouch now features authentic Battlefront Tokens and objective markers. We have deployment zone markers made in house from resin, a laser pointer, and 12 thematic dice for your use with your German army.

In each PU Leather pouch, you will find:

1 X Laser pointer (3 batteries to go along)
2 X Battlefront Objectives (TO001)
33 X Battlefront tokens (TD013) Modified to have 5 instead of four of some tokens.
9 X Blitz and Peaces Deployment Markers

5 Bailed Out markers
5 Gone to Ground markers
5 Dug In markers
5 Bogged Down markers
5 Pinned Down markers
2 Non-assaulting Team markers
2 At the Double markers
2 Ranged In markers
2 Reorganizing markers

Blitz and Peaces Deployment Markers

4 Corner deployment zone markers
4 Straight deployment zone markers
1 Cross deployment zone markers

These items are meant to make a one stop solution for our customers to be able to play Flames of War. The Leather pouch is made to be able to fit in both sides of your standard load out kit for Flames of War made by BattleFoam, It does get a little tight in the side pocket meant for dice tins, but fits very nicely in the other side which is larger. The pouches come with a nice carabiner and strap to attach to your bag or army tray.

The Foam tray is Eva foam and you will find that it is of the same material used to hold high grade electronics and medical equipment. 

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