Europe Just fields Battle Mat

Cigar Battle Box

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The mats we supply come from a great printer. They are all¾hand drawn and then expertly illustrated and designed. The mats are printed on a single sheet of fleece cloth. These mats measure around 72 " by 56" which is larger than your normal 6 X 4. This multiple-scale mat comes without printed woods, roads and streams. It provides maximum flexibility to the gamer who wants to use their own roads and other terrain pieces. It will work with any popular gaming scale!This was one of our biggest customer requests....and we have listened!

This mat has been extremely popular with gamers playing: Bolt Action, Flames of War, Ancients, ECW, ACW, AWI, Marlburian, Napoleonics, etc. What will you use it for?

Use it both as a beautiful base for gaming and as a model to guide terrain placement.