6mm Fate Of A Nation Bundle deal

Blitz and Peaces

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Blitz and Peaces is happy to announce we are offering a 6mm option for those who want to play the epic tank battles in the middle east from the rule set Fate Of A Nation. This is the bundle deal for those who preorder before 31 Dec 2018.

For each bundle purchased, you may get the following

choose one from the following
AA901 Eyptian Unit cards
AA902 Syrian Unit Cards
AIS901 Israeli Unit Cards
AJO901 Jordanian Unit Cards

You are also entitled to a 50% off the rule book Fate Of A Nation

You are entitled to 50 tanks from the Period of fate of a nation. These can be transports, AA, artillery or any other land vehicle offer by GHQ in its 1/300 micro Armour range. 

You can swap out 5 tanks for 60 infantry
you can swap out 5 tanks for 2 planes

You can take your 50 tanks in any combination with the above swaps in multiples if you wish.

Once purchased, please send the list of your order to col.clausewitz@blitzandpeaces.com