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The¾GMC CCKW-353¾was a 2_ ton 6x6 US Army cargo truck that saw extensive service in World War II and afterwards.¾ The original –Deuce and a Half” (a reference to its tonnage), it won fame as the backbone of the famed Red Ball Express that kept the Allied armies supplied as they pushed eastward after the Normandy invasion.¾ The 6_6 M35 began to replace the CCKW in 1950, but it remained in active US service until the mid-1960s.¾ It also saw service with several other nations, many of which continued to use it well into the 1990s.
In 1940, the US Army set a requirement for a 6_6 truck with a 12ft (3.7m) cargo area and a 2_ ton (2,268kg) off-road payload.¾ General Motors Corporationês design was chosen by the Army and went into production as the CCKW.¾ –CCKW” was derived from GMC nomenclature:
C” - designed in 1941, –C” - conventional cab, –K” - all-wheel drive, and –W” - dual rear axles.¾
The CCKW was produced in both short (145 inch) wheelbase and long (164 inch) wheelbase versions.¾ The short wheelbase version was intended for use as an artillery prime mover, while the long wheelbase version was for all other purposes.¾ The standard version could carry 12 men in addition to the driver.¾ There were also numerous specialized models, including a gasoline tanker and radio truck.¾ ¾Initially, the CCKW was built with an enclosed cab, but during production an open cab was introduced to save materials and shipping space.¾ Many vehicles were fitted with a ring mount for a machine gun.¾ A number of CCKWs were also built with a power winch.¾
By the time production ended in 1945,¾562,750¾CCKWs in all variants had been built, making it the second most numerous US vehicle after the¾Jeep
This highly detailed plastic kit depicts a¾GMC CCKW-353¾with an open cab (moulded as a single piece) and optional canvas roof.¾ It can be assembled with or without the machine gun ring mount and winch.¾ The kit also includes an optional canvas canopy, with a choice of an open or closed rear tarpaulin cover and tailgate.
Product Highlight:
- Cabin & canvas canopy are moulded as single pieces
- Optional canvas canopy, MG gun ring mount & winch
- Choice of rear tarpaulin and tailgate in open or closed position
- Driver & gunner figures included

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