15mm North West European Farmhouse


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15S-EAW-115 is a ‘15Standard’ 4Ground kit, as you would expect it has loads of detail and pre-painted parts. Each storey is removable allowing maximum in-game access to each one of the many rooms. The storeys are held in place with locator lugs in each corner.

The North West European Farm House will look great on any Napoleonic or Post Napoleonic battlefield, this style of building became common from the 1700’s onwards, with many examples all across North West Europe still today

As a part of 4Ground’s immensely popular ‘Europe at War’ range for WWI and WWII it makes a great defensible objective in any European action. Add this building alongside the other kits in the farm complex collection and the effect is an even more desirable battlefield worth fighting for!

The staple of any farm complex is the house. Based on a double pile construction methods with two rooms either side of a central hallway leading to a grand staircase. One room being a living and reception room the other was a private room for the Gentleman Farmer and his family can get away from the riff raff. At the back of the house would be the kitchen with the possibility of adding a Dairy to the back.  As part of a battlefield this building really helps when creating an interesting scenario; either as an operational HQ in a rural location or as a well to do house in a town or village.

The materials used to construct the house also show the wealth of the occupier. With coursed cut stone to the front of the house and cut Ashlar detailing. Still a house is an expensive investment and money was saved by having the rear and side elevations constructed with coursed rubble stone and cut Ashlar quoins.

The external walls for this kit are pre-painted and etched with stonework, with little external details like window shutters, and much more to the overall effect of this high quality laser cut model kit.

15mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures by Battlefront not included.

This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 4

Includes: 1x 15S-EAW-115

Product Code: 15S-EAW-115