15mm Damaged Semi Detached 1


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Northwest European semi-detached house has taken a big hit with one of the buildings crumbling away after a shell has landed.

This laser cut model is supplied pre-painted with 4Ground base paints, once glued it is ready for your table. Etched with a high level of detail, it comes with damaged brickwork, blown plaster, splintered floors and crumbling roof. With painted detailing inside and out this is great piece to make your table a dynamic battlefield. Or even used for progressive game play damage.

Each floor is removable and locks into place easily making it very stable during game play.

Included with this kit are some paper road signs and advert/propaganda posters to cut out and glue to the outside walls giving each model even more individuality.

15mm Scale models supplied unassembled. Miniatures not included.
This kit is rated 4Ground skill level 5.

1 x 15mm Pre-painted Damaged Semi-detached Type 1


4Ground Base Paints used:

1: Lime White
2: Brick Red
5: Slate Grey