15mm Road Sections And Corners


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Asphalt concrete is one of the most common road surfaces since it was first used in the 1920s. These road surfaces are often used for surfaces with high volumes of traffic (normally about 1200 vehicles a day or more).

These roads are asphalt concrete and as such represent arterial roads. ¾During any war these arterial roads become vital for the movement of materiel and manpower and as such most engagements include or are at the end of a modern road.

This kit comes with 4x 300mm x 75mm straight road sections, 1x 260mm x 75mm curved road section and 1x 295mm x 75mm curved road section.

As shown in these pictures this set works well with other road elements from the 15mm Terrain and Objectives range. ¾These pictures show both sets of barriers (straight barriers and corner barriers)

Miniatures shown for scale purposes and not included.