Casablanca Conference, Unconditional Surrender 2016


Date:12 March 2016
Where: 50 Ohpir road, Auston #03-05
Time: 9.30 AM (click here for full schedule)
Points: 1750
Missions played in order: Pincer, Cauldron and Breakthrough
Books & Briefings allowed: Road to Rome, Fortress Italy, Grey Wolf, Red Bear, Atlantik Wall, Overlord

Sign up here . Make sure you have an acct with us so you are confirmed pls.

List submission deadline: 7 March 2016

Rules in Effect: Deathclock, MOH & KC, Best Painted, Champion, Best sportsman & Purple Heart
For full details on the above rules sets please click here

1. Gameplay
2. Scoring
3. Armies and models
4. Schedule for the day
5. Entry Fees



Each round will last 2 hours 40 mins with a 15 min break between games. A 5 min prep time will be given for players to choose table sides and place deployment markers. Tournament time will start once objectives are placed or when the prep time runs out. 

Games will be Axis vs Allies where possible and the pairings random for the first round. Subsequent rounds will be determined via reverse-swiss. There will be a fix number of lots for Axis and Allied players to encourage the historical accuracy. In event of an odd number, we'll make the necessary adjustments to allow for the smooth running of the tournament. 


Match are scored based on the FoW tournament program - Generalship and sportsmanship (95% and 5% respectively). TO reserves the right to adjust the points given for sportsmanship if unsporting behaviour is observed on the scene.

Armies and models

Players are expected to field fully assembled armies and models should closely represent the unit fielded ie no blank bases as your arty park. Incomplete models on the field of battle and will act as obstacle that blocks your LOS and grants the opponent concealment and is not allowed to move once deployed and counts as a destroyed platoon when scoring for VP and will lose any ties.

All list to be submitted by 7 march 2016 5pm to

** Each player MUST bring at least 2 objective markers. You can opt to rent objective markers at $20/marker but it will be much easier to have one of your own. It must be identifiable and have at least 3 basic colours. If there are insufficient objective markers, the game will be awarded in favour of the player with the full required number of markers. **

Schedule for tournament day

Registration 0930 hrs 

Briefing 0945 hrs
Game 1 set up and start 1000 hrs
Lunch and army on parade 1245 hrs
Game 2 set up and start 1330 hrs
Game 3 set up and start 1730 hrs
Pack up Prize Giving 2030

Entry fee - $15
Min 6 entries to a max of 16. Sign up here, make sure you have an acct so we know you are coming.

6-12 players
Best General by highest number of VP - $50.00 voucher
Best painted by judge vote - $25.00 voucher
Best sportsman by vote - $16.00 voucher

13-16 players
Best General by highest number of VP - $75.00 voucher
Best painted by judge vote - $30.00 voucher
Best sportsman by vote - $16.00 voucher

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