TANKS Hit the Beaches

Welcome to B&P's first ever organised play season for TANKS. Thie first step for people to play in the Season is to complete their 
Platoon Rosters
On the OPS night, these sheets allow a player to plan and record their various tank platoons. As the Event Organiser, you may want your players to submit their rosters prior to playing any OPS games. These are mainly used so that the organizer can double check the lists. Due to upgrades being secret until used, players should only share these details with the organised.;
Season Games
Season games are played using the themed mission that come in the OPS Kit, and are featured on the specific OPS Night. Organisers may allow non-mission games that include this week's terrain to count as a Season game for checks. Players can still play the mission on normal league nights to earn Season game checks. Players earn a single check for each Season game they play and another if they win that game.

Pick-Up games

These are non-mission games played on any league night. These are just games out of the rulebook or any other official missions that have been released online.  Players earn a single check for each pickup game they play. 

Normandy Invasion Map
This poster shows the story of the campaign being covered by the OPS Kit. Each month will also introduce Pick-up game rules appropriate to that stage of the campaign, these are shown on the Map.
No More Room for Checks
Once a player has filled all their checks in a category, they can no longer score checks in that category. They can play games and help other players earn checks.   

Scoring Points.  

During the month players will earn checks for various things they do, playing games on league night and painting models will score players checks during the month.

Why am I saying checks instead of points? Because you don’t earn points for each check you get. You markthe scoresheet from left to right under the right category. At the end of the month, the organizer will check the scoresheet and add up the checks that land on national symbols and that tally will be a players score. This means a player can score anywhere from 0-12 points each month

The overall winner for this month will be the player or players with the most points. Organisers need to keep track of this score to add to the players final tally at the end of the three-month season, those players will be eligible to win the season's Challenge Coins included in the 3rd Kit of each Season.