We are going to the STGCC and we are bringing two amazing value bundles! One for The Walking Dead and another for TANKS! Join the lucky draws by joining our mailing list and get updates of the best items and new releases! 

Where: Marina Bay Sands Convention Center 
When: 9th and 10th September 10 AM to 8 PM
What: STGCC (Singapore Tabletop games and comics convention) 

Section and booth number: We are in the Gamers Area Section. Booth number GA9


For the Walking Dead, we are bringing the Exclusive Lee and Clementine. These are only up for sale at conventions and events. We have limited quantities and we will split them evenly on both days of the event on a first come first serve basis.

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See our Walking Dead range here!


For Tanks, we are bringing a starter bundle as above. It includes the starter set and an expansion of your choice based on availability. We will also be conducting demos at our booth (G9A). Take charge of your platoon today! 

Sign up for the lucky draw and win a free Starter Set! Details below

See our TANKS! range here!


To sign up for the lucky draw, you just need to get a flyer from the front entrance of the show entrance to the Gamer's Area or pick one up at the booth! 

Enter your details which automatically sign you up for the newsletter. We will inform the winner via email and prizes will need to be collected in person.

Free Shipping

We do free shipping world wide for purchases above 200 SGD. We do reserve the right to change this if the parcel is heavier then 2kg (or if its of a bulky nature) but it's rare and we normally find a way to get you your fix!


We will be doing regular game nights on Friday after this event. Which will entail free entry and meeting like minded-gamers who wanna survive the zombie apocalypse or command your tank platoon and beat the Axis Powers or drive the Allies out of Europe!!