This year Blitz and Peaces will be doing a full RED THUNDER campaign! 

We will have battles going of from 10 AM everyday until 10 PM for both days of STGCC! Come down and make the difference if you can! New players can come down for Demos!

What: The Red Thunder campaign is a series of battles where red and blue players take the historical places on both sides of the Iron Curtain and attempt to break the other side to reunify Germany in 1985!

When: 8 - 9 September 10 Am to 8 PM BOTH DAYS

Where: STGCC, GGXP , Booth Number G2

Who: Blitz and Peaces is running the event. You can sign up as a Warsaw Pact or NATO player

Why: Because we can't let our Eastern/Western(cross out where applicable) Kin suffer under the yoke of the Capitalist/Communist(cross out where applicable) propaganda they are fed on a daily basis! Together, we will reunify Germany!

How to Join: you can click on the link here and make payment as well as indicate your side!


For the price of your ticket, which is on the same scale as nationals, we will provide the following.

GOODIE BAG (No participation required)

- 2 X Daily tickets to GGXP where the booth and tables are located ($20SGD)
- 1 Red Thunder Token Set = $17SGD 

- 1 Red Thunder Salvo Marker = $20SGD (Personalised Engraving)

- 1 Red Thunder Objectives = $14 SGD (Personalised Engraving)

As the items are personalised, they will only be delivered some time after the event.


Let's not forget that the Soviet Union only ran out of money at the end of the 80s.
This is set in 1985 and so both sides are still able to incentivise their grunts and B&P is no different.
Warsaw Pact  Prize NATO Prize
Total VP Total VP
7 Any Team Yankee Blister 7 Any Team Yankee Blister
12 Small box $35> 12 Small box $35>
18 Soviet Medium box $60.00> 18 NATO Medium Box $60>

Note that the first army from either side to reach 18 VPs will claim the prize. Further claimants will get no army but still compete for Best General

Best Photo

- Simply take photos on the day and the Best photo posted on our Facebook page (judged by B&P obviously) 
- To qualify, must include at least one painted model, posted on B&P's page and shared on your page

Best General 

The top scoring player with the highest VP of the two days (cumulative) will be awarded with one of the following Armies

NATO Dutch Army
Warsaw Pact Army


How the Campaign Works

The Map will be the same on as found in Red Thunder campaign. Each time you play a battle and win, report the win/loss to the B&P staff and collect your tokens. Then go up to the board and place your tokens on slots that you want to allocate your victory towards! 

Getting Tokens

After each victory, you will be awarded tokens. according on the level of your victory as follows:

A 6 - 1 Victory will give you 5 tokens
A 5 - 2 Victory will give you 3 tokens 
A 4 - 3 Victory will give you 1 token

These can be put on any region of the map that is connected by territory to one of your territories.

Capturing territory, The Side with the most tokens on a single territory is considered to be in control. This would mean you would need two tokens to captures every territory which is native to the opposing side.

How about towns with VPs indicated? This VP represents the amount of native tokens there are here. how deeply entrenched the enemy is. For Example, in the image below, Copenhagen has 3 Native tokens, for the soviets to capture it, they must place 4 Soviet tokens on it.

Go now and Assemble(see what i did there?) the armies! We are have a CRAZY ARMS RACE sale! Check it out here! Everyone can benefit from this discount! go crazy! Free shipping applies to orders over 200 SGD (four boxes?) 

Enter "ARMSRACE30%" without the " at checkout!
 Enter "ARMSRACE30%" without the " at checkout!

One way or another!, Germany will be Reunified!


There will be war correspondents on the day itself so please smile for the cameras and maintain your in game character!